14 main causes of industrial accidents

Workplace accidents can affect our life significantly. Every year, thousands of workers get injured, become paralyzed, and meet tragic death because of these incidents. No matter how large the compensation is, some damages are irrecoverable and haunt the victims for the rest of their lives. So, taking preventive steps is necessary. Before that, we need to understand what usually causes industrial mishaps. Let’s get started.

  1. Poor lighting: Inadequate lighting is the prime reason for many slip-and-fall accidents. Sometimes the employees might fall off the staircase, touch poisonous solutions or cut their skin. Many owners don’t even take action until something bad happens.
  2. Health issues: Owners must appoint people depending on their health issues. For example, workers with poor physiques can’t handle rigorous activities and acrophobic labors are not for high-related chores. 
  3. Stress and anxiety: Anxious individuals are more likely to lose focus while working and injure themselves. So, having sound mental health is required, especially during machinery tasks. 
  4. Strenuous jobs: Imagine doing a difficult task for the whole shift, even if your body is tired. After a certain point, your body might give up and cause fatigue. The employee should train the workers properly and give time to rest when necessary. 
  5. Dehydration: It is one of those reasons people hardly pay attention to. Dehydrated site workers are highly susceptible to heat stroke, kidney failure, urinary issues, cardiac problems, etc. The owners must arrange proper water supply to avoid these occurrences.
  6. Weather conditions: Working in extreme weather is not safe at all. It might cause issues such as slipping, falling from a height, drowning, heat strokes, etc. 
  7. Air pollution: Industrial atmosphere usually includes harmful particles produced through manufacturing processes. Long-term exposure to such an environment can lead to cancer, thyroid, asthma, heart diseases, etc.
  8. Sound pollution: People who work next to noisy machines are more prone to hearing problems. Noises also make them annoyed and disturbed, eventually ruining their mental state. Using low-noise equipment can be helpful in this case. 
  9. Machinery failure: Crane, loader, boom lift, transport machine, and other heavy equipment should be handled carefully. Any uncareful act or malfunction can be deadly for workers.
  10. Explosions: Most work-site explosions take place due to electrical errors, defective devices, improper use of sensitive elements, open gas lines, etc. The physical and structural damage they cause can be hard to recover. 
  11. Violence: The cases of a laborer hurting his other co-workers because of personal grudges, political matters, sensitive opinions, and any other reasons are not uncommon. 
  12. Hazardous products: The owners must ensure protective outfits and sufficient training for people who work with risky materials. Otherwise, lots of workers might have to endure minor to acute injuries daily. 
  13. Working at height: A huge portion of construction site accidents involves falling from a height. Newbies should train for a while to learn balancing techniques first. Some safety protocols can successfully reduce the degree of injuries too.  
  14. Object collision: The working environment of a construction site includes countless heavy objects. Overloading, wrong placements, and keeping too many boxes in storage are the main culprits of collisions, which can injure the builders.


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