Can I Have A Betta Sorority?

Bettas are beautiful and fascinating fish, but they can also be quite skittish. That means that keeping bettas by themselves can be stressful for them. If your betta loves having company, the best thing you can do for it is to get it a sorority of tank mates. Fortunately, there are many other fish that are perfectly happy living with betta sorority. Adding a sorority of these fish to your betta’s tank can alleviate stress and increase happiness in both fish. Here are three great species you should add to your betta’s tank:

Dwarf Shrimp

Dwarf shrimp is one of the best possible tank mates for your betta. They’re relatively small, and peaceful, and they help keep aquariums clean. Bettas are territorial fish, and they usually get aggressive towards other species. However, dwarf shrimp are so small that bettas will barely notice them. You can keep a few dwarf shrimp in the same tank as your betta without any issues. Dwarf shrimp will clean your betta’s tank! They eat algae and waste from the tank. This keeps the water clean, and it ensures your betta is getting clean water to swim in. As long as your betta doesn’t go after the shrimp, you can keep them together for life.


Discus are beautiful fish that look great in any aquarium. You can keep them with other species or in a species-only tank. Discus are peaceful and get along with most other fish. They’re also reasonably easy to care for. Discus are resilient fish. They can survive in a wide range of water conditions. This means you can keep discus with your betta no matter what water parameters your tank is at. 

Bettas are freshwater fish, and discus is tropical fish. The two species can happily coexist in the same tank. Discus are active fish. They’ll swim and explore the tank while your betta is likely to stay mostly near the surface. This means that your betta will be able to stay in the upper part of the tank while the discus explores the lower half.


Rainbowfish are another excellent choice for betta tank mates. They’re hardy fish that are easy to care for. Rainbowfish can be kept with other species or by themselves. They’re reasonably aggressive, but other species should be able to coexist with them. Rainbowfish are also active swimmers. They’ll explore the tank and stay out of the way of your betta. This means your betta will be able to stay near the surface while the rainbowfish swim in the lower half of the tank. Rainbowfish are easy to care for and inexpensive to buy. This makes them a great choice if you’re new to fishkeeping.


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fish keeper, keeping a sorority of fish with your betta will make everyone happier. From providing mental stimulation and reducing stress to eating algae and keeping water quality high, these fish have it all. Bettas are skittish and can easily become stressed if they’re kept by themselves. Adding a sorority of fish will keep your betta happy and make your tank a more enjoyable place for everyone.


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