Education System of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country. And most of our people are under the poverty line. So, many people can’t send their children to school. But our government has made primary to secondary education completely free, and they even provide books without any cost. However, let’s talk about the entire education system of Bangladesh.

What Do We Know About the System?

Bangladesh, where we are living in has a very delicate system for education. The entire education system is divided into some aspects, such as primary, junior high, secondary, higher secondary, Bachelor, and master. Furthermore, those who want to study more and obtain a more significant degree can do a Ph.D. on a specific topic. Let’s jump to the details:


The primary section of our education system is the first part of obtaining to get the basics. However, this section is divided into five classes: class one, class two, class three, class four, and class five. Each of these classes has a unique syllabus that a student must complete going further. And, how much a student has gained is determined by the exams. Each class has a final exam held at the last of the year, and students have to pass the exam to advance to the next class. Afterwards, the main exam called PSC that every student takes seriously held in class five. If they pass the exam, they are promoted to junior high.

Junior High

Junior high is the part that starts after the primary section. It consists of two classes, which are class seven and eight. Both of these classes contain unique syllabus, but those are slide advance than the primary syllabus. The examination process is the same as the primary section, and the final exam that is main and every student focus comes at the end of class eight called JSC.


If I speak honestly, this second part is the main factor and higher secondary that determines one’s future in this country. Let’s talk about this later. First, the second section consists of two classes as well, which are classes nine and ten. But. A student must choose a primary subject in this section. And, students only have three options to choose from: science, commerce, and arts. After choosing the primary subject, students must continue their studies for two years and gain as much knowledge as possible to prove their worth.

However, when the finishes two years of studying, all students have to face the final examination called SSC that stands for “Secondary School Certificate.” Well, then, after three months, the results come out.

Higher Secondary

This section has a year-based classification and consists of two years, first year and second year. The students who have chosen a specific subject in the second section have to gain advanced knowledge in the higher secondary. But students also have the free will to change their subject. But they can’t upgrade to their subject. They only can go downwards. And students will be able to get admitted to a college based on their SSC results. However, the final exam for this section would be HSC that stands for “Higher Secondary Certificate.”

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree is the essential part for a student’s academic life and professional life. That is because students have to choose a field of study based on their career choice. And, they have to continue studying for at least four years. Each year will have unique courses and topics. Besides, each year will have an exam that will be held end of the year. After four years, all the results will be cumulated that is called CGPA, and it has a great impact on jobs.

Master’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree holders who are willing to gain more knowledge are eligible to take this course. It is a two-year course provided by all universities on various subjects. It provides more further knowledge that students haven’t gain on the Bachelor’s section.


This is the highest degree of our education system that any university can offer. A post-graduate must apply for this degree on any well-known university. Now, one can earn this degree on a specific topic. It can be anything like business related, astrophysics, cosmology, biology, etc.

Technical and Non-General Education System

The fact is our education system also offers technical educations along with non-general education (Medical Courses).


Engineering is a course that one can attain after their higher secondary course. And, it is important to keep in mind that the score of SSC and HSC plays a very vital role if you want to get admitted into a well-known and reputative engineering college. However, most of the engineer prefers Bachelor’s degree and after that get a job.

Medical Courses

Medical courses are also coming after higher secondary that one can choose. But students must have a good result on the SSC and HSC exam to become a doctor. And, it takes almost five years to become a general doctor.

Final Thoughts

Honestly speaking, our education system is good but it needs to be upgraded because it has so many flows that nowadays it is making students intelligent. Instead, it is making them machine who are mostly focused on jobs and money-making.


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