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Technology has been ingrained in our lives and has been around us everywhere. Our data is being shared on our cell phones and our electronic devices. That being said, technology has its perks but with the perks come some dilemmas and cyber threats that need to be looked after for the sake of the security of our data and that’s where mobile device management comes through. Mobile device management or MDM is a core component of enterprise mobility management (EMM) that allows IT administrators to secure, control, and enforce policies on our smart devices. The goal of MDM is to safeguard the corporate network while also maximizing the functionality and security of mobile devices within the organization. 

Why should enterprises invest in Mobile Device Management?

The purpose of Mobile Device Management is already clear, let’s state why enterprises should choose to invest in an MDM.

Greater security- Devices accessing sensitive information are constantly under a security concern. But with an EMM solution in place, organizations can access, monitor, manage and access sensitive information from compromised devices. 

Increased productivity- In recent years there has been an increase in the mobile workforce with the demand for accessing information from anywhere across the globe. With an EMM solution in place, the employees are now able to access secure information increasing their productivity by 50%.

Cost – There is an upfront cost but that cost if broken down to employee hours makes a favourable ROI making MDM a worthwhile investment. 

Hexnode mobile device management is the one platform to manage it all. Hexnode UEM offers an award-winning Unified Endpoint Management solution for iOS, Windows, Android,tvOS, macOS, and Fire OS devices. 

Why Hexnode as your first pick?     

Hexnode Mobile Device Management is a market-leading endpoint management solution and has a wealth of functionality for securing, controlling as well as remote monitoring devices in any organization. Providing for businesses of all sizes across the globe, Hexnode has clients from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. Some of the huge names include Volvo, Target, EY, MERCK, Mcdonald’s, and Lowe’s. Businesses love Hexnode UEM as it is not only endpoint management but much more than that. Hexnode also includes parameters such as zero-touch deployment, intelligent automation, and enterprise-ready integrations so that your systems are secure, well-managed, and monitored within the company. 

Hexnode Mobile Device Management will save you from a sheer number of cyber-attacks that are not only limited to DDoS, SOL injections, and Zoom bombings but also beyond that. The business model of Hexnode is about providing absolute security incorporating secure policies such as BitLocker management, password rules, etc as well as configuration and scripting that includes assigning configurations, custom scripts, and restrictions to the devices remotely. It also includes email and networking that includes setting up corporate Wi-Fi, and ActiveSync configurations as well as location tracking of the devices. All in all, our motive is to provide you with technology that makes things easy for you and gives you all the solutions under one umbrella. 

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