How Casino Deposit Bonuses Work

It is not a secret that all of you have heard of online casino bonuses. Almost all casinos offer these, and you can claim each one in no time. The best example would be a 100% casino bonus, which is a massive type of offer and the one all players will want to claim as soon as possible. Below, you can learn how these bonuses work, so you can understand them more and benefit from them more!

First Things To Know

The first thing you need to know is that deposit match bonuses are precisely as the name suggests. You will deposit funds at the online casino, and they will match that deposit 50%, 100%, or even 300%. There are countless variations. These are usually given as a welcome offer for new players. It simply means that as a new player at that casino, you are eligible for these offers.

Bonuses are not mandatory to claim. You can choose to play with your deposit only if you want it. Still, most players do claim the offers as soon as they can. These are free money offered by the casino, and you will see why below. There are many reasons why you would have to claim a bonus or why you should do it, but not a lot of reasons why you should avoid one! This should help you understand the importance of casino bonuses.

Most deposit bonuses will be applied automatically to your account if you opt for one. But some will require promo codes. You can find these at casino review sites, on the promotion page, and also in the bonus explanation section.

Keep in mind that deposit bonuses are just one type of many. You can also find no deposit bonuses. These are given as soon as you create an account at the casino. You don’t have to deposit funds, and you can get free spins or free money instantly. The second type of bonus is a cashback offer. The casino will give you back a small portion of the money you have lost. In reality, there are a lot more types you can get while gambling online.

The Purpose Of Deposit Match Bonuses

The purpose of deposit bonuses is simple. You will get money for free, so you will want to create an account at that casino and play there. You will also be able to win more and play much longer. All of these are the main reasons why deposit bonuses are so important and so beneficial these days. Some players will only make an account at the casino that offers great deposit bonuses!

Of course, casinos have their own reasons why they want to give you deposit bonuses. The main one here is to attract new players. This is especially the case with welcome offers for new players. The second reason is to keep the existing players gambling at the casino. Without bonuses, they would move to the next casino! More bonuses mean more players. Hence, the casino can add new bonuses and special offers you can claim. It is a magical circle, and the one we all like.

They Are Tied To Specific Games

Once you have the bonus on your balance, you are ready to use it. But there might be some limitations. Most casinos allow you to use it on slots, table games, and live dealer games. Free spins for instance are always related to one slot or multiple, pre-selected slots. Once again, you can see these details once you check the bonus page and learn more about a specific bonus and the details.

This is another advantage of deposit bonuses. You can claim them easily and use them for most games. In other words, as a new player at that casino, you can check out and play all sorts of games and find the one you like the most. Then you can deposit more, get another bonus and play just one game you like.

Wagering Requirements And Expiration Date

Here are two things you need to memorize. All deposit bonuses (most bonuses in fact) come with wagering requirements and expiration date. The first refers to the number of times you need to place a bet in order to be able to withdraw the winnings. Some casinos have these low, such as 20 times. While others will have very high wagering requirements, close to 90 times. You should consider the ones that have low wagering requirements first. They are truly beneficial and the most appealing.

The expiration date is another thing you need to know about. It is precisely as the name suggests. The bonus will be valid for a couple of days. This can be 1 day or 1 month. If you fail to use bonus funds in that period of time, they will be removed from your account. Luckily, most players do manage to use the complete bonus. We obviously cannot tell you how long the bonus you will claim will last. It is better to check out the bonus terms page of that casino and learn the basics.


Now when you know all about the deposit bonuses, you are good to go. Claim your first 300% deposit bonus now and start playing. You will see that all of these facts apply to all casino bonuses, and they are simple and easy to understand. Players who understand bonuses more can get the best offers in no time and can theoretically win more. We hope you will be one of them.

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