How to Learn Spanish While Traveling

Why not start our conversation with a couple of facts? Spanish is spoken by 7.8% of the world’s population, 572.6 million people! Spanish is taught at school and is used when working with Spanish-speaking partners. TV shows with high ratings are filmed in the language – La Casa De Papel, Élite, Narcos.

Spanish is beautiful and melodic and does not hurt the ear. Among the common foreign languages, it is the most understandable for an English person and rarely causes difficulties in perception. There is no need to speak about interest in the language of amor and passion, love and passion – it’s not in vain that you drove in a search engine: “how to learn Spanish.”

How to start learning Spanish? How to stay motivated on the way to the goal? Can you learn Spanish on your own? In the article, we answered all the questions and told how to learn Spanish in three different ways.

Learning Spanish on your own and for free is fundamental. Ask a search engine, and it will return dozens of materials: audio and video recordings, books, phrasebooks, and translators. Every bookstore in your city has textbooks on the shelves, and you can use literature for free in the library.

Along with the search for materials, pay attention to the regularity of classes. You need 2-3 lessons per week for slow language learning. If the goal is to learn Spanish quickly, you will need twice as much studying.

Dynamics are essential for self-study. Don’t stop at one tutorial. Use all available resources.

Watch More Local YouTube

Learn to perceive foreign speech by ear with the help of video. Subscribe to several channels and view publications at lunch, in transport, or during leisure:

  • Badabun is a Latin American version of the well-known travel show “Eagle and Tails” with a wide range of topics;
  • MasterChef España – exciting and tasteful, the favorite channel of our speakers;
  • Luisito Comunica – Mexican traveler, this person can help learn more about traveling and language learning;
  • Cammalleri’s Vlogs – everything about Liberty Island and more.

Read Spanish Blogs While Traveling

Social media isn’t just for cat videos. You will find many useful blogs on Instagram for self-learning Spanish from scratch. Escuela also has an Instagram page with daily posts. Subscribe never to miss educational content!

Read Books in the Original

If you have already learned to read, take a new frontier. Start with children’s short stories- no complex vocabulary and cumbersome constructions. For the initial stage, books on the method of I. Frank is also suitable. Gradually complicate the task, switch to books for teenagers, and leave the classics for “later.”

Use the Free Mobile Application

“Regularity” is easy to say if you don’t disappear from work all day.

It’s true that taking notebooks and several notebooks with you is inconvenient, and your smartphone is always with you. To work on the dictionary, use the mobile application. Repeat words at any time and learn new ones: translate, listen, memorize. You can install Escuelas free smartphone app right now.


The application is not a panacea but a tool that will help you keep the learned vocabulary in your head. Short workouts are a great helper on the way to a global goal.

Listen to Spanish Language Radio

The radio is suitable for everyone: beginners and the older level. While listening, try to “catch” familiar vocabulary and write out new expressions. Find a station of interest and start practicing:

  • Muy buena;
  • Los 40 Principales;
  • Cadena SER;
  • Ibiza Live Radio

The main “minus” of self-learning Spanish is the lack of communication practice. Finding carriers is not an easy task, even on the Internet.

A conversational Spanish course will help fill in the gaps. In just four weeks, you will learn the basics and begin to speak, and as a bonus, you will receive a lesson with a native speaker from Spain or Latin America.


Speaking Spanish is a great way to learn about the world and people, and knowing it while traveling is even greater. That is why I start learning right now. Don’t forget to bring your friends on the journey, so language learning comes quickly and is unforgettably fun.


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