How to play the Northern title – Detailed instructions for newbies

How to play the game in the North What methods are currently included? This is a common concern of many brothers who have just participated in this type of experience. To get the answer, please refer to the details of the article below with Hi88club!

A brief introduction to the type of lottery entertainment

Lottery is known as a betting sport to predict daily lottery results, in which the last 2 or 3 numbers of all prizes are called lot guessing and the last 2 or 3 numbers of the special prize are called guessing. You need to follow the fixed rules of the game and will receive a bonus if you predict the winning result according to the original lottery table.

Lottery is a betting sport to predict lottery results

Participating in the lottery is more popular in the North than in the Central and South regions. Although not recognized by the state as a legal form of entertainment, the lottery is still popular among people because the rules are simple, easy to win, and the cost is not too great.

This entertainment is very diverse in terms of play, terminology and ways of looking at the bridge. Therefore, many brothers often learn about how to play the northern game , the Central region, … as well as related concepts to be able to quickly access and bring back valuable rewards.

Detailed instructions on how to play the North for beginners

If you are a new player, do not have much experience but want to win in this subject, the best way is to learn how to play the northern game  We are introduced in the following categories:

 how to play the northern game  in the shape of a triangle

Following the triangle is the most accurate way to play chosen by many players. With this way of playing, the lottery player will combine the numbers from the previous day’s tournaments in the lottery results table together, then find a number to play as a white card for the next day.

Instructions on how to play the North in the shape of a triangle

How to play the game in the North This game does not require you to take too much time or calculate carefully, so it is suitable for most objects, including new players.

How to play the Northern question based on the first prize

This method of scoring is also relatively simple, when participating, you will rely on the results of the first prize or rely on the special signs in the first prize in the lottery results table to be able to find good numbers for the next day.

When applying this method, you will take the middle 3 numbers of the first prize to play the lottery for the next day. For example, today’s 1st place result is 97938, then 79 and 83 will be played for the next day.

How to play the North based on the diagonal

Scoring the North based on this method is relatively more special. Accordingly, player bets are only used in some special cases and used to check the lottery based on the 5th and 6th prizes. Right diagonal and left diagonal are two common types of screening that many players are applying:

  • Right diagonal: The player chooses the first first number of the first row, then matches the 2nd number of the 2nd row and the 3rd number of the last row.
  • Left cross: Choose the last number of 5.1, combine with the 3rd number of 5.4 and finally combine with the first number of 6.1

Normally, the probability of hitting is at how to play north will be very high. Therefore, you should raise for about 2-3 days to get the best results.

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A few other ways to play the northern title

A few other ways to play for players to refer to

In addition to the above methods, there are quite a few how to play the northern game  but the efficiency is not high and is not used much. However, lottery players can also refer to apply when they have applied all the above methods but luck is still not smiling. Accordingly, you can play lotteries based on dumb ass dumb ass:

  • If the first 0 is mute, then farm lots 04 – 06 and 09
  • The 1st dumb head, feed 16 and 17
  • The first 2 is dumb, then feed 21 – 25 and 29
  • The first 3 dumb, then raise lots 30 – 36 and 39

Notes for newbies when participating in the northern game

Although  how to play the northern game  Relatively simple, but in order to achieve the best effect as well as avoid being deeply immersed in the lottery – lottery, any lottery player before participating should also pay special attention:

  • Only participate when really awake.
  • Set participation goals in advance as well as allocate play time accordingly.
  • Should keep a calm mind, avoid being shaken by external factors.
  • feces divide reasonable capitalandhistoryusecorrectitempepperinitial.

Hopefully, through the content of the above article, readers have better understand about how to spell north and be able to participate in the experience more effectively. Try using the methods suggested by the bookie Hi88 above to choose for yourself the luckiest number!


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