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Roulette online New888 is the top betting product in the house’s game library and is sought after by many people. Many people who are new to online Roulette betting still do not understand the rules and how to play. To help many people not be confused when playing and receiving money, please refer to the following article byNew88 Please.

Learn about New88 online Roulette game

Roulette is widely known by another name, Roulette. Roulette is one of the most famous and popular games in large and small casinos around the world. To meet the needs of many players, Roulette now has an online version so anyone can easily participate.

As soon as the form of online Roulette betting developed, bookmaker New88 provided and developed games in its game store with high quality. Bookmaker New88 applies many attractive features for Roulette participants. New88 online Roulette game is gradually becoming known and loved by many people. Thanks to that, the number of people playing the online Roulette betting hall at New88 is constantly increasing.

Traditional Roulette is a wheel application game that makes the spin beautiful and gentle. However, the online Roulette game version will bring you more attractive and convenient experiences. Bookmaker New88 uses modern 3D technology to help participants have memorable experiences.

Why should you join New88 online Roulette?

What attractions does the online Roulette game have that attracts many visitors to New88? Let’s immediately find out the advantages and attractions of the New88 online Roulette game below.

The rules of playing online Roulette are simple

The rules of playing Roulette online are simple and easy to understand so anyone can play easily. Players need to understand the basic rules of the New88 online Roulette game rules as follows:

  • Players bet based on the numbers in the Roulette wheel. Then, calculate and bet the amount you want to bet in the box that appears. The dealer will spin the table and wherever the ball lands, the player will receive money.
  • You can bet based on the colors of the Roulette wheel. You can choose black, red and blue and then click on the corresponding bet amount. Whichever color square the ball lands on will win the bet.
  • Players can bet based on even or odd numbers. The right to choose even or odd numbers will belong to the participant. If they have experience, it will be easier to bet.
  • If the player bets if the ball lands on box 0, he will lose the bet to the house. Therefore, you should consider choosing different positions or dividing your betting capital into multiple bets and then betting so as not to lose all your capital.

Attractive online Roulette winning rates

The reward for the winner of the online Roulette game is extremely attractive. Online bookmaker New88 will calculate the bonus rate and pay huge rewards to participants. Players participating in online Roulette are supported by bookmaker New88 to place bets at many different bet levels.

At the spinning position, the box or type of box will be delineated for you to consider placing a bet. New88 will provide different winning odds for each type with the difference not being too large. The highest winning rate can be up to 1:35 for online Roulette participants.

The attractive point of the New88 online Roulette game bonus rate is that the bet has a high probability of winning. Bets with high reward rates will often make it more difficult to accurately predict the results, but the rewards received will be high.

Bet on Roulette online with diverse bet levels

Bookmaker New88 always wants to receive a large number of players participating in the online Roulette game lobby. Therefore, the house has considered the bet amount at online Roulette with many levels from low to high. Players can receive a minimum bet of 100,000 VND. Depending on your ability and experience, you can choose the most suitable bet level for yourself.

Anyone who has experience playing Roulette online can choose medium and high bets at New88. You should remember that high bets correspond to more attractive reward rates as well as difficult tables. New players should consider placing bets with the most meticulous calculations.

Play Roulette online at New88 anytime, anywhere

Players who have little time but still want to bet on Roulette online can participate right at the New88 bookmaker’s app. Bookmaker New88 understands the needs and desires of many players, so it has launched the online Roulette application. Currently, the Roulette betting application has developed an online betting form on the app.

With the online Roulette betting application, players can participate in betting at any location and time they want. Moreover, players also proactively choose bets and capture a lot of information about the latest reward rates.

Simple instructions on how to play New88 online Roulette

Betting on Roulette online is not difficult if you understand the rules of the game and know how to participate. Many newcomers to New88’s online Roulette betting hall encounter many difficulties when playing. Therefore, this article will show new players the most detailed way to play to apply immediately.

  • Step 1: Visit the New88 homepage and click on the Online Casino section.
  • Step 2: After that, you will see many different game titles displayed. When you want to play New88 online Roulette, find the correct game title and click on join.
  • Step 3: First of all, you need to choose the game as well as the bet amount in the box provided by New88. Depending on your playing ability and capital, you choose your bet amount.
  • Step 4: Check the bet box as well as the amount of money is correct, the rest is to click play now.

Tips for playing Roulette online at New88 to receive huge money

Not everyone who participates in New88 online Roulette and knows how to play can receive high bonuses. Besides, understanding the playing tips and applying them flexibly according to each situation can help you make money. The attractive bonus amount will certainly attract many players to apply the effective betting tips shared by players below:
See : Đá gà New88

  • When new to playing Roulette online, new players should learn carefully about the rules and regulations of this game.
  • Understand the winning rate in each bet position so that when you win, you can calculate the exact amount of bonus you can receive.
  • Consider betting when allocating capital to each door and betting box location. Divide the capital appropriately so that when betting, players can optimize their capital and participate in many online Roulette games.
  • When calculating online Roulette bets, you need to rely on the rules and betting tips of many experts. You should not have subjective thoughts or bet based on emotions to avoid losing money and wasting a lot of time.


The information in the above article has provided new players with the most details about the gameRoulette online New88. Hopefully the information in this article will help many people play Roulette online more easily. I hope you can participate in online Roulette and receive huge bonuses at New88.


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