NSK bearings are suitable for ensuring bearing life and reliability

NSK bearings should be turned after the experimental device, first used for rotating shaft or bearing box, without exception, they have no ability to load, operate at low speed, and then gradually increase the function of rotating speed and load, and detect noise, vibration and temperature, abnormal, should be shut down for inspection. Normal operation test ahead can be entrusted.

According to the size of the specification, the accuracy of the parts, the application conditions and the environmental conditions, the one-way NSK bearings are suitable for ensuring the bearing life and reliability.

1. application parts: radial and axial accept radial load based use of pairs of combined load bearings, usually there are two sets of one-way NSK bearings, mainly in the front and rear wheels of the car, driven bevel gear, gear, reducer and other transmission parts.

2. allowable temperature: under normal load, and the smooth agent has the advantages of high temperature resistance, abundant smooth conditions, ordinary imported bearings are allowed to operate in 30-150 ℃ temperature environment.

3. allowed inclination Angle: NSK bearing generally does not allow the inclination shaft relative to the housing hole, such as inclination, less than 2.

4. the allowable speed: in the correct device, smooth and good environment, the allowable speed is 0.3-0.5 times the limit of one-way bearing. Under normal conditions, the optimal speed is 0.2 times the limit.

The alternative is the most common NSK bearing has two kinds: one is direct heating with acetylene oxygen railway bearing; The other is the use of oil heating, small bearing expansion, expansion bearing diameter, so that the assembly. These methods have been widely used in long-term equipment maintenance to fundamentally meet and deal with the maintenance problems of bearing assembly equipment. But the two methods to ensure that the temperature of the bearing heating area is different in the heating process, which is difficult to be sure.

Explain SKF bearing storage common sense in detail

Bearing storage has a very big impact on the future use, therefore, we should pay attention to the storage of skf bearings. Good skf bearing to good care, otherwise it will discount the effect, so the above skf bearing care method is the scientific maintenance of skf bearing, the use of the above care method can tell skf bearing performance to maximize. skf bearing repair ability is superior, skf bearing is processed with top material, skf bearing is good performance, we should also pay attention to some proper maintenance, so skf bearing we not only know the scientific use, but also know the scientific storage. So how is skf bearing scientific storage? Let me tell you about it. To scientifically store skf bearings, the relative humidity in the storage room does not exceed 60%, the temperature does not change much, and the bearings can be well kept in the original packaging for a long time. After long-term storage of bearings with sealing rings or dust cover, the characteristics of smooth grease in skf bearings may be affected. Bearings taken out of the original packaging should be properly maintained to avoid corrosion and contamination. The correct storage mode of large rolling bearings is to place the bearings in a certain position, and the whole side of the bearing ring should be supported. If the bearing is placed in a vertical position, the weight of the bearing ring and the rolling body may cause the eternal deformation of the bearing because the thickness of the bearing ring is relatively small.

Lubrication skills of SKF bearing

Generally, one third of the causes of fatigue damage of SKF bearings come from poor bearing lubrication, and the other one third is because of pollutants entering bearings or improper installation of SKF bearings. SKF bearings must be prevented from pollution by pollutants and moisture, and SKF bearings must be properly installed and lubricated. The effectiveness of providing adequate lubrication is affected by the correct use of the selected base oil viscosity. It goes down as the temperature goes up, and when the temperature goes down it goes up, so it is necessary to know the base oil viscosity at the operating temperature. The important factors of choosing base grease:

  1. Types of machinery
  2. Working conditions, such as vibration and the direction of the spindle is horizontal or vertical
  3. SKF bearing type and size
  4. SKF bearing operating temperature
  5. Cooling condition
  6. Workload situation
  7. SKF sealing effect
  8. Speed range
  9. Peripheral environment

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