Stages of a Relaxed Move

Fortunately, a global move doesn’t happen to us very often. But if you’ve moved before, you probably remember what a nerve-wracking experience it is. Often we put off packing until the last minute, and it’s understandable: no one wants to live long among the boxes. However, it’s these short deadlines that are the cause of stress. It is better to approach this event consciously and well in advance, then everything will pass without nerves and losses. We have gathered for you a complete instruction for a competent and problem-free move.

Is it worth resorting to the help of professionals?

Now there are many companies that perform the move “turnkey”. If you decide to seek help from professionals, you will only need to collect your belongings, and packing, assembling furniture, transportation and unloading will fall on their shoulders. We recommend one of the best moving companies in Spokane – The professionals will save you time and nerves and organize your move flawlessly.

If you’ve decided to move away from your home but don’t have time or energy to pack everything up yourself, hiring someone else who specializes in shipping household goods may be helpful for you. This way, they can move all of your furniture without causing any damage along the way!

Prepare the ground, that is, the place where we are going to move

First you need to assess the ne


w place, its ability to accommodate all your things and favorite furniture. If you are moving into your own new apartment, then make sure that the repair is completely finished, draw a precise plan of arrangement of furniture and take all measurements. If it is a rental apartment, then clarify this point with the furniture, because it may be that the furniture can not be touched, and then your precious antique chest of drawers will have to send somewhere for storage.

Get rid of all unnecessary things

Moving is a great opportunity to finally get rid of everything you don’t need, everything you haven’t used once in the last year that took up space and is outdated. After all, there’s no sense in dragging it all with you into your new life. This not only applies to things in your closet, but also furniture, appliances, and decor items. Turn on your favorite music and with a clear conscience say goodbye to the things you will never use again and have no place in your new home.


The most important part of preparing for a move is detailed planning. At this stage, you need to determine whether you will move all your things in one day, or whether you will move them out gradually, a couple of boxes a day. Make a clear plan of action: what you will remove after what, which of the things will stay with you until the last, which things you will need in the new apartment first. Choose the essentials and think about how you will label the boxes so that when you arrive it will be easy to get rid of it. Also estimate the number of boxes and packing materials you will need. Choose a delivery time. Of course, it is better to perform such a feat early in the morning on a day off – there is less traffic and time left for unpacking.

Start packing


The most tedious stage – collecting things. It is important to act strictly according to plan, do not take anything unnecessary, if it is still unnecessary in your apartment. It would be better if you have a separate room for already collected things and furniture. First, we gather everything that is not useful to us in the next days and hours. Clothes are packed in bags, dishes – in boxes, interior items are neatly wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in boxes or additionally immersed in a soft cover of clothes. Books are stacked in different boxes as they weigh a lot and we add lighter items to them.

When all the items are packed, we start packing the appliances. We wrap it in plastic wrap, neatly roll up all the wires and sign them. If you are not sure if you can connect the appliances back, take pictures of all the connectors and the appropriate wires. Next, disassemble the furniture: from cabinets and dressers pull out all the shelves, close the doors and fix them with tape. Wrap the furniture with film so that it does not get dirty and scratched. And do not forget that for each box you need to choose the color of the film according to the purpose of the room, and also on each of them should be a signature, which will help you in finding things in the new place. Well, now all that’s left to do is check everything again and pack the things you need in your new apartment first, because they will go with you.


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