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Do you think it’s impossible to watch movies and TV series without ads? TheFlix, the newest online cinema, offers a huge number of fascinating movies to watch. This service is an analogue of cheep Netflix and is available on iOS and Android. New movies and TV series will always be at your fingertips. You will also have a great opportunity to watch outdated movies in excellent quality.

The absence of advertising is not the only advantage of this service. The resource is constantly developing to offer viewers many interesting innovations, which cannot be found in any other online movie theater. Let’s get acquainted with this resource in a little more detail and make sure that it is the service you should choose when looking for a site to watch movies and TV series online.

What is TheFlix

You can not only watch new movies on the cool analog Netflix, but also earn up to $1,000 a month on BITCOIN. The site has movies available in standard and enhanced quality. By choosing UltraHD, you can feel like you’re in a movie theater, maximizing your immersion in the action. All you need to do to watch movies without ads is to register on the resource, entering your name and email.

Movies and Series

In the header of the site you will find a line of TV shows online and movies. The selection of movies and series is available by the following parameters:

  • genre;
  • year of release;
  • sorting by new releases and rating is also available.

Fans of a fun and relaxed evening can enjoy modern comedies. If you want to spend time with your family and children, then movies for family viewing are perfect for you. Do you decide to cry in front of the screen, sharing empathy with the main character? The drama genre also offers a wide range of movies.


You will certainly love TheFlix if you’re a cheep Netflix user. TheFlix is not only an online series but also a way to make money on BITCOIN. Everything is extremely simple! You register and send invitation links to your friends who also have BITCOIN. Then, they watch movies on the site and you earn money. The more friends you invite, the more opportunities you have to earn. You can obtain up to $1,000 for just 1,000 invitees. This not only allows you to use the service for free, but also to receive a certain amount of money for your personal needs. In our opinion, this is a really great bonus.

Do you think about how to combine the useful with the pleasant? Then, you should choose to watch movies online on TheFlix. You won’t be bored on this platform. Convenient search menu, rating on the cover of each movie, a list of genres – you can easily find an interesting movie. Thousands of people already use our service and leave real positive feedback. Don’t be afraid to experiment, switch from Netflix to TheFlix, you will definitely feel the difference. Take chips and hurry up to watch movies on TheFlix.


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