What is Handicap? How To Betting On Football At The Bookie 789BET

Handicap is known as a popular type of betting at online bookies. Among them, 789BET emerged as one of the leading playgrounds specializing in providing quality football odds. In this section, we will dive deeper into learning about What is a handicap? and effective gameplay for beginners.

What is a handicap overview?

What is a handicap overview?

Football handicap is a special form of betting, aimed at creating a balance between two competing teams regardless of the difference in strength between them. This type of bet allows players to bet on the difference in scores between two teams instead of simply betting on the outcome of the match like other types of bets.

Special features of  What is a handicap?? At 789BET Tại đây, the weaker team will be awarded points or goals before the match starts. The weak team’s score will be added or subtracted from their actual results before winning/losing the bet. This makes the game more interesting and the player’s chances of winning are increased.

What are the types of handicaps?

What are the types of handicaps?

Handicap is a type of betting that is sought after by many football fans. Among them, the 789BET bookie offers a variety of bets, making the betting experience of the players interesting and exciting.

Bronze Handicap

One of the outstanding handicaps of the 789BET brand is the ball bet. Here, you are free to bet on the door with points to win or vice versa. Evening markets appear when two teams play with relatively similar form and formation. Or when the strong teams recently had a bad performance and had their stats cut by the bookie.

Half left ball

Many new players don’t really understand the inner half ball What is a handicap?. This type of handicap is also known as 0.25 left, 1/4, 0.5 1.5, very popular with a base handicap of 0.25. When a team wins the match, the top rated side wins and vice versa. In the event of a tie, bettors will forfeit half of their respective winnings.

Left half handicap

The attraction you come to What is a handicap?? At 789BET brand, the left half handicap represents the house’s assessment of the bet less than 0.5 left. If the handicapped team wins by two or more goals, those who bet on the handicapped team will win and vice versa.

All 789BET handicaps offer unique opportunities and challenges for players. This is one of the reputable bookmakers offering attractive odds, ensuring transparency and fairness. As a result, they attract a large number of players to participate in online football betting.

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What are the tips for beating all types of handicaps?

What are the tips for beating all types of handicaps?

To win in the handicap, players need to have the right tips and strategies to make the correct decisions. Here are some important experiences so that you can increase your chances of success when playing football betting.

Master how to read handicaps

The most important factor to win in What is a handicap?? That is, you must understand how to read the odds. Understand the meaning of each handicap such as the all-ball, half-left, 1-left, and half-handicap. Knowing how to calculate odds and how to bet will help you make more accurate predictions.

Analysis of performance in head-to-head matches

Before betting on a match, take some time to analyze the current form of the two opposing teams. Consider their recent results, number of wins/losses, as well as home and away record. Also, keep track of the head-to-head history between the two teams to understand how they’ve played in the past. Knowing the Types of Bets What is a handicap? will help you to predict better.

Key players can also have a great influence on the outcome of a football match. Therefore, update their information about their injury or suspension before placing a bet. The absence of a key player can greatly affect the strength and chances of a team winning.

Consult the handicap comments from experts

Expert opinions in What is a handicap?? Reading opinions and predictions from experienced players can help you get an overview of the game. They can provide useful information on the current situation of the teams, as well as give useful tips and advice for you to make the correct betting decisions.


The above article has introduced an overview of the types of What is a handicap?? Based on your basic knowledge of football and expert opinions, you can build your own effective strategy. Join the 789BET brand today to experience exciting entertainment!


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