Where to enter pin up bonus code 

Bonus coupons from Pin Up Casino are issued regularly. The administration tries to please its players with new rewards every day.

How to properly activate pin up promo codes

The administration of the casino offers the pin up bonus code on a free basis. Most of the bonuses do not involve any real cash deposit. That is why the project has a rather high rating.

Users get the right to activate the coupon after fulfilling several conditions:

  • The player needs to register. To do so, it is not just necessary to link a phone number or an e-mail address. The player needs to fill out a questionnaire and also verify himself as a specific person. The administration needs to make sure that the gambler plays from the same profile.
  • The user needs to find an active coupon. Most of the promo codes are valid for a limited time. Therefore, the user needs to take care in advance to have a fresh bonus on hand. The easiest way to look for promo codes is through Instagram and Telegram.
  • The visitor needs to go to their account and find the giveaway tab. This is where the activation of coupons with individual prizes takes place.

The bonuses can be either general or personal. It is the personalized gifts that offer the best possible return.

What other bonuses are available to Pin Up players

The administration offers mostly free spins on promo codes. However, not all gamblers use this bonus regularly. A user can get a gift, but their money will have to be spent anyway.

Firstly, the free spins can only be activated after one scrolls for their own money. Secondly, any winnings from the bonus will need to be wagered. To do this, again, you will have to spend some of your own money. Therefore, you need to use these promo codes according to a specific strategy and consider all the pitfalls beforehand.

Players call Pin Up Cashback the most profitable bonus. Every registered customer who plays for money can get a cashback. Cashback can be as low as 5% or as high as 10% at most.

Cashback is convenient in that it helps to win back and end up in a big profit after a series of losses. The more money a player spends, the more they get back. Users can take back 100,000 credits in their chosen currency every Monday.

Another advantage of the cashback is the minimum wager. It is easy to wager this bonus in a matter of minutes. The user will not have to spend much of their cash.

Players will be able to see all the promotions in the bonus section. This tab is updated daily. The operator tries to add new rewards not only on holidays but also throughout the week.


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