10 Time-Saving Tips for Contractors Using Estimating Software

For contractors, efficiency is key to staying competitive and profitable. Fortunately, with advanced construction estimating software, many processes that once consumed hours can now be streamlined and optimized. This blog will explore ten time-saving tips for contractors using estimating software. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, these tips will help you maximize your software investment and supercharge your estimating process.

Leverage Construction Takeoff Software

Construction takeoff software is a game-changer for contractors. Instead of manually measuring quantities and dimensions from paper blueprints, digital takeoff software allows you to perform measurements directly on electronic drawings. This reduces the potential for errors and enhances the speed of your takeoff process. Look for estimating software that seamlessly integrates with takeoff tools, as this combination can significantly reduce the time required to perform takeoffs accurately.

Utilize a Centralized Database

Efficiency in estimating depends on having quick access to your cost data. Many modern estimating software solutions offer centralized databases containing extensive libraries of construction cost items. Using a centralized database eliminates the need to manually search for and input cost data manually, ultimately saving you valuable time on each estimate. Quick access to a comprehensive database ensures that your estimates are accurate and efficient.

Create and Reuse Templates

Contractors often work on similar project types with consistent cost structures. Create templates for these common project types in your estimating software to save time. Templates can include predefined cost items, assemblies, and even labor rates. By reusing templates, you can quickly generate estimates that reflect your typical project requirements. This expedites the estimating process and maintains consistency across your estimates, saving time on customization.

Automate Calculations

Estimating software can automate complex calculations, ensuring accuracy and saving you time. Whether it’s calculating material quantities, labor costs, or profit margins, rely on your software’s built-in calculators to handle the heavy lifting. This speeds up the estimating process and reduces the risk of errors caused by manual calculations. By automating calculations, you’ll save both time and resources while producing more precise estimates.

Integrate with Digital Plans

Digital plans are becoming the industry standard, and your estimating software should integrate seamlessly. Look for software that lets you import and work directly with digital drawings in common formats like PDF and DWG. This integration eliminates manual data entry and ensures estimates are based on the most up-to-date project information. By connecting your estimating software with digital plans, you’ll significantly reduce the time spent on data input and improve the accuracy of your estimates.

Implement a Review Workflow

Collaboration is essential in construction estimating. Implement a review workflow within your software that allows team members to collaborate on estimates. This feature enables multiple stakeholders to provide input, review, and approve estimates efficiently, reducing the time spent on back-and-forth communication. Streamlining the review process saves time and ensures that estimates benefit from collective expertise, leading to more accurate and well-informed bids.

Leverage Historical Data

Your past projects hold valuable data that can inform future estimates. Estimating software often includes historical data features that allow you to reference previous projects’ costs, material quantities, and labor requirements. Leveraging this historical data can save you time researching and estimating similar projects. By accessing this valuable resource, you’ll gain insights and benchmarks that expedite the estimating process and improve estimate accuracy.

Stay Updated with Cost Data

Construction costs can fluctuate due to market conditions, materials availability, and other factors. To ensure accuracy, use estimating software that provides real-time updates to your cost data. This feature helps you stay current with market trends and ensures that your estimates reflect the most accurate pricing information. By staying updated with cost data, you’ll make informed decisions, minimize the need for manual research, and save time during the estimation process.

Implement Mobile Estimating

Mobile estimating capabilities are invaluable for contractors working in the field or on-site. Choose estimating software that offers mobile apps or cloud-based solutions, allowing you to access and update estimates from anywhere. This flexibility ensures you can work on estimates even when away from your office computer, improving productivity and responsiveness. Mobile estimating empowers you to stay connected and efficient at the construction site, in client meetings, or on the go.

Continuous Training and Support

Investing time learning the ins and outs of your estimating software is crucial for maximizing efficiency. Many software providers offer training and support resources to help you become proficient. Take advantage of these resources to use the software to its full potential. Continuous training enhances your skills and helps you unlock advanced features that can further streamline your estimating process. Efficient use of your software saves time, boosts productivity, and leads to more accurate estimates, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.


Time-saving tips for contractors using estimating software are essential for improving efficiency, accuracy, and competitiveness in today’s construction industry. By leveraging construction takeoff software, centralized databases, templates, automated calculations, digital plan integration, review workflows, historical data, real-time cost updates, mobile estimating, and ongoing training and support, contractors can streamline their estimating processes and achieve better results. When selecting estimating software, consider solutions like Estimating Edge that offer these time-saving features and empower contractors to thrive in a fast-paced construction environment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your productivity and profitability with the right software tools.


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