3What Is The GZ Longest Shockwave Therapy Device?

Change your thinking about physical therapy, and give it a new and innovative twist. Check out the Longest shockwave therapy device from GZ Longest to learn more about this breakthrough in therapy.

What is shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy (SWT) is a therapeutic ultrasound that uses high-intensity sound waves to create vibrations in the body. The vibrations cause small pockets of gas to expand and rupture, which in turn causes pain relief. Shockwave therapy is most commonly used to treat chronic pain, but it can also treat other conditions such as post-surgical pain, arthritis, and migraine headaches.

There are several types of shockwave therapy devices available on the market today.  This device is perfect for treating larger areas such as the back, neck, and limbs.

The GZ Longest shockwave device is also versatile. It can be combined with other treatments, such as massage or acupuncture, to provide even more relief. It’s a professional radial shockwave therapy device that applies to Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, and Sports Medicine. It works on the chronic pain in the shoulder, back, heel, knee, or elbow.

The feature of Longest shockwave therapy device

-Silent compressor: integrated KNF air compressor, providing you with quiet and comfortable treatment.

-Rotary knob: smooth switch and precise parameter adjustment (in steps of 0.1 bar)

-Skillful accessories: high-quality workmanship of bullets and metal pipes, enabling the device to produce 2 million shocks.

-Various transmitters: 6 ballistic pneumatic transmitters, including Radial, Acupuncture, Deep & Focus, covering multiple sizes.

-Unique lease mode

-Metal shell workmanship

-Silent built-in air compressor

-Ergonomic handpiece: 2 million shocks tested

-Easily transported: combined trolley with a handle

-Rotary knob design: accurate parameter adjustment

-Rapid software update via USB port

-Support user file downloading

What is the difference between ultrasound and shock wave therapy?

The ultrasound treatment is gentler compared to shock wave therapy. And it only consists of one frequency, while a shock wave is a wave group made up of various frequencies, wavelengths, and speeds.

Shock wave treatment is more effective and doesn’t need everyday use, but ultrasound is required to use every day for better results.


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