Benefits Of  Mutual Fund App

Technology has made investing more accessible than ever through innovative apps. For the regular Indian investor, mutual fund apps provide an easy way to get started in markets. These apps allow you to buy units in mutual funds that invest pooled capital into shares, bonds and other securities. Investing through mutual fund app offers many advantages to grow wealth, which we will explore.

Real-Time Portfolio Tracking

A major benefit of mutual fund apps is real-time tracking of investments. Instead of waiting for account statements, you can check the live net asset value (NAV) and performance of holdings anytime from your phone or computer. Monitor current value, historical growth trends, and analytics for your entire portfolio daily with just a few taps or clicks. Evaluating positions so frequently keeps you informed on minute-by-minute market movements and the overall health of your investment portfolio. This constant data stream empowers you to make prudent short-term and long-term fund allocation decisions based on the latest market conditions and fund performance numbers. Real-time access allows monitoring your portfolio value and adjusting holdings as needed without delay.

Low-Cost Investing

Mutual fund apps make investing affordable through fractional ownership of underlying assets. Put simply – you buy “units” of funds instead of whole shares. This allows participation with minimal capital. The units are fractionally pegged to value of holdings in the fund’s portfolio. Fractional ownership unlocks diversification by removing high cost barriers for retail investors with limited means. By lowering the entry point, many more individuals now have an avenue to grow their savings over time through the power of compounding returns.

Tax Saving Options

Apps provide access to ELSS mutual funds that qualify for tax deductions under Section 80C. Using apps, you can research top performing ELSS funds, compare historical returns, check ratings and invest conveniently. ELSS investments of up to ₹1.5 lakh per financial year are eligible for tax breaks under 80C. This saves you meaningful money each year while growing capital through equity exposure. Apps make the process smooth by presenting all relevant data on various ELSS options in one place, expediting tax planning decisions.

Simplified Monitoring

Navigating investments across providers and asset classes can get confusing. Mutual fund apps consolidate all your holdings into a single intuitive interface. Avoid the headache of tracking investments separately across platforms. Everything remains visible on the app dashboard for easy monitoring. Many apps also categorize funds by type, risk level, past returns and more. This simplifies managing your overall portfolio by providing a bird’s-eye view of asset allocation and performance at a glance.


In closing, mutual fund apps like 5paisa provide many advantages for investors. You can start investing in markets with modest capital through fractional ownership. Conveniently build wealth while saving tax through ELSS funds. Tracking portfolio performance with best stock trading app india becomes easier with all investments in one place. And taking informed investment decisions gets simplified through data and analytics. By leveraging apps, regular Indians can now grow money like seasoned market veterans.


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