Detailed guide on CS:GO cases

Skins, cases and original gifts are an essential element of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive case opening platforms that became popular almost ten years ago. Nowadays, gamers have a perfect selection of such platforms, and everyone is ready to add unusual skins and affordable prices.

However, many people don’t understand how case opening sites like Knifex work. Check out such quick guide to find out how they function, if they’re up-to-date, and what they provide.

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The definition of CS GO case opening platforms

Basically, it’s a third-party service that saves you tons of time. Instead of waiting weeks for the proper element to drop during the game, you can simply give a certain amount of money to crack it on the particular site. Thus, you may get one of the awesome things inside. How cool and expensive skin you get depends on fortune. Anyway, you will receive great pleasure from unpacking the CS GO case.

Apart from cracking cases, some websites offer the Trade Up feature in CSGO. Trade Up lets gamers give ten weapon skins to receive one rarer.

Other providers also offer a sort of competitive case opening, in which some gamers face off against each other. Entry fees may apply to participate in the battle. The victory is celebrated by the one who has the most valuable case.

What prizes are waiting for you in CS:GO?

Every CSGO case has a set of skins that may be received as trophies. Skins can be in various states, from the initial «Factory New» to the worn «Battle-Scarred». There are different colors for skins; we have put together a list for you:

  • Blue skins – Mil-Spec: it’s the most popular and cheapest firearm you can get.
  • Purple ones – Restriction: skins of average cost. Their price is very affordable.
  • Pink ones – Classified: skins vary widely in price, from the medium to upper class; they are not often found in cases.
  • Red ones are rare and belong to the middle or high-price category.
  • Yellow/Gold Hue ones: as a rule, these are knives, the most variable type of weapon.

Try, maybe you will be able to get the most valuable rewards.

Case opening rules

It’s easy to follow a particular procedure:

  • Receive a case; they may be purchased on the Steam Market or randomly earned by playing CSGO. Before opening, it is recommended to select a good series of cases to open. Some cases have rare trophies worth hundreds of dollars, while others have common prizes ranging from $1 to several tens of dollars.
  • Find a case key. Go to CSGO inventory, right-click on the case and click «Unlock Container». At the bottom of the screen is a button to receive a key and open a case; click on it.
  • After purchasing the key and confirming that you plan to open the case, a greeting card will appear, and the additional component will go into your inventory.

If you are considering getting economic advantages from opening CS:GO cases, you must actively monitor the market and the cost of items on the marketplaces. Choose skins that can be sold reasonably, and then look for what cases they are in. Even in a cheap suit, there is always a chance to win a worthy skin.


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