Emberify’s 9 Fascinating Ideas to Embrace Instagram for Travel Blog

Instagram is ruling all over the world with its amusing updates. Witnessing an incredible growth and over a million access to this platform on a monthly basis, Instagram is the most engaging spot especially for young adults. 

Many of us want to be in the spotlight, don’t we? This field has grown wide; even small entrepreneurs have a Business account and earn money through it. Adding to this, travel has emerged as a popular niche that remains always fresh.

Everyone loves to travel, whether a long day trip or a short one. Travel Instagram is an open place full of opportunities where you can travel around the world and make money at the same time. When your account is full of travel history, you are one of the most famous people to many for sure.

Being a travel blogger on instagram will drive you more fan base for your page and increase likes for your posts. For better engagement, you can buy instagram likes to enumerate your followers count. Seems like your dream? Then, scroll down to learn more ideas you can employ for better results.

#1 Perfect Niche

There are almost 1000 million active users on Instagram. So can you imagine the hard-line competition for travel bloggers to flourish. Travel is a big niche with lots of sub-niche namely, adventure, luxury, health and wellness, hiking, winter destination, island travel, and so on.  

If you want to start a Travel blog on Instagram, you need to be unique and creative to shine in this area. So focus on the unpopular zone and high demand places currently. Uniqueness is the vital key to being viral nowadays. 

#2 Bewitching Captions

Captions are short lines or quotes written underneath the post that reflect the mood. Writing captions that resemble your post is the easiest way to connect with the audience. 

Posting a suitable caption will add value to your picture. So your choice of vocabulary should be sophisticated and precise. If you need clarification about what caption should be used for an image, then you can browse the internet and find some quotes that will fit in. 

#3 Picture and Editing 

Instagram engagement is measured in seconds and minutes. For that purpose, your content needs to be elegant and exclusive. Further, it should be noteworthy to gain attention in a meaningful way. Have you visited a famous blogger’s page and wondered how they got the picture perfect? 

Well, it is not the exact picture clicked by them. Their editing skills speak through their photographs. Use high quality devices to get a clear-cut image and post them on your page. So you need to focus on this part more and enhance your image quality. A good photograph will help you to get more likes for your profile. Similarly, consider Emberify to get loads of likes at an instant pace.

#4 Stories 

Instagram Stories are a great way of increasing your engagement, and followers. After introducing this feature, many users found an immense increase in likes and followers. Moreover, the time consumption for editing the image or video takes some time. So you can post it in your Stories as a preview for your upcoming post or travel blog. 

This feature allows the viewers to have an instant glimpse of your travels updates. It also helps bloggers to keep track of their travel places like a short journal.

#5 Travel Hashtags

Travel Instagrammers who get paid for their travel campaigns, using the hashtag is a part of their job. Instagram  application allows up to 30 hashtags for a post. You don’t need to add all 30 hashtags. It depends on the relevancy, not the quantity, to increase visibility. 

The hashtag option allows users to view your feed who are not following your account but are interested in your subject matter. Once your post gets noticed, you may even land on the Explore Page and be featured on Instagram. So add hashtags effectively; chances are more that you can gain new audiences you have never had before.

#6 Follower Relationship 

Maintaining a creator-follower relationship is the key to being an influential travel Instagrammer. It will create an impact on your audiences that you are a bot or some person whom you hired for uploading feeds. Furthermore, Tag and mention some of the most influential people to account for a better reach and increase your page’s appearance.

The best part of meeting other travel Instagrammers is getting an opportunity to get invited for a travel campaign and being able to learn more from other influencers. 

#7 Travel Hub Account

Now you might be wondering what a Hub is? Hubs are accounts on Instagram that share contents owned by other people. They aim to promote photographers and creators to inspire those who enjoy the imagery.

Travel Instagram Hub Account is the most effective strategy to develop your travel content and followers as they give credit to the owners by mentioning them. Significantly, try out Emberify to boost your likes and make new contacts for your account.

#8 Brand Building on Instagram

Digital Branding is a unique way to help your page to stand out from other successful travel pages. With the travel pages filled with aspiring pictures and travel videos, you need some stuff to stand out. Digital branding gives you the edge to compete with other travelgrammers vying campaigns through Instagram sponsorship. 

Another strategy to build an Instagram brand is through the representation of your voice. Do tell the caption with meaningfulness and engage them to join the conversation. It will make you aware of what they think and reflect their interests. 

#9 Maintain The Flow

The effortless way to make your Instagram travel blog consistent is to post regularly. This flow will increase your chances of building a solid community. The more your current followers get engaged by your feeds, more will be the opportunities that your feeds will be featured.

Invest your time and effort to keep your followers satisfied and respond politely. Each follower is essential to your account. Your main target is making your audience feel good about you daily.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a robust platform that provides a complete package of editing, sharing, capturing videos and pictures, and interacting with people around the world inside one application. 

Get out into unexplored places and share your stories with the world. The first impression always makes the best one, so do it in the right way with the ideas mentioned above. Then, create wonders through your feeds!


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