Exactech Knee Replacement Recall– FAQs

The global medical device company Exactech recalled several of their knee replacement devices due to defects found. Research has shown that patients who use these knee replacement devices suffer from severe pain and injury around the surgery area. Units sold of knee devices are about 140,000 since 2004 and have injured thousands. 

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Exactech recall, you should get in touch with an attorney immediately and start working on your case. Some medical conditions can be extremely severe and cause permanent issues. Although rare, these devices have caused deaths as well. Here are some answers to the commonly asked questions about the recall. 

FAQ about Exactech knee replacement recall 

  • Why were Exactech knee devices recalled?

Exactech issued a recall for several knee replacement devices due to their non-conforming packaging, resulting in product degradation and failure to perform as intended. The defective knee replacement devices can potentially result in adverse consequences such as bone loss and the need for revision surgery. The company has advised surgeons not to use the recalled knee implants in surgeries and to return the recalled devices. 

  • How do I know if my device was recalled?

If your knee replacement device is functioning well with no side effects, the FDA does not recommend removing the well-functioning Exactech devices. However, contact your healthcare advisor if you have a knee replacement device and are experiencing pain, swelling, and other symptoms. To check whether your device was recalled, Exactech has an online database where you can search if the device is a part of the recall. To search, check your device’s serial number. 

  • What does the Exactech recall mean for patients?

Patients who have undergone knee replacement surgeries and have Exactech implants may experience a range of health complications. Some of them include pain, swelling, bone loss, instability, infection, and injury. The corrective revision surgery can be painful and put a financial burden on patients. 

  • What are the typical signs and symptoms of a failed knee implant?

Here are some common symptoms of a failed knee implant to look out for: 

  • persistent pain, 
  • swelling, 
  • inflammation,
  • instability or looseness in the knee joint 
  • limited range of motion, 
  • difficulty walking or bearing weight, 
  • sounds and sensations of grinding, popping, and clicking in the knee
  • and the recurrence of pre-surgery symptoms.

If you suspect your knee implant surgery was a failure, you should consult with your surgeon or another doctor immediately. 

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