How Do PanOxyl Acne Patches Website Products Actually Work?

If, while searching online for acne remedies, you come across the PanOxyl acne patches website, you’ll see the small yet effective circles that contain what’s known as hydrocolloid gel. The thing is, despite being a very useful item for anyone with acne, there are still some sufferers out there who don’t even know they exist.

That said, hydrocolloid gel is hardly new, as it’s been a mainstay for other types of wound care for decades thanks to its protective abilities. But how does it actually work? What is it that makes them so effective at getting rid of spots?

Read on to find out more…

Keeping Impurities Out to Allow Healing

You’ll find out by visiting the PanOxyl acne patches website that hydrocolloid patches contain a gel with a transparent, waterproof adhesive used to keep them in place. They work well because they’re able to seal out dirt and bacteria, with the barrier provided promoting healing. 

Another great aspect of having a waterproof cover over pimples is that you’re encouraged to leave them alone. We’ve all been there – constantly prodding and poking the spot due to the irritation, blissfully unaware that we’re spreading bacteria all over our faces. These patches stop that in its tracks. 

Simply Place One Over Each Spot 

They’re super easy to use, too, as all it requires is for you to properly clean the area first (to avoid locking in any bacteria or dirt) and place one of the adhesive circles over the zit in question. Then, once in place, you simply sit back and wait for the patches to work. Easy, right?

Things to know include:

  • You shouldn’t leave the patches in place for more than 12 hours
  • They’re only useful for spots that are near the surface of the skin
  • Failing to clean the area first will cause you issues
  • They don’t have to be worn just at night
  • Some brands offer clear patches that are almost invisible 

The great thing about these Panoxyl acne patches website products is that they don’t just protect the area. The hydrocolloid gel inside actually draws out all of the impurities, pus and dirt to the surface – explaining why they shouldn’t be left in place too long. 

Helping You to Cope With ‘Maskne’ 

Another winning aspect of acne patches is that they’re able to help you with the relatively new problem, which is maskne. Caused by the prolonged wearing of supposed covid-fighting face masks, people with acne have been faced with a brand new problem when trying to control their breakouts. 

Thanks to the patches, you can get some relief from this problem. Facemasks get in the way of the natural ‘shedding‘ process that occurs, so it’s nice to know that there’s help available. 

Check Out the PanOxyl Acne Patches Website For Yourself! 

So, as we can see, acne patches are every bit as good as they say they are. The fuss surrounding them is certainly justified, and if you want to learn more about what we’ve spoken about here, it’s worth checking out their website, which contains not just info but reviews from other users.

No one should have to live with breakouts, and with products like these to help, there’s no reason why you’ll have to suffer any more than necessary. 

This apply and forget option is as gentle as can be, and when worn at night, all the good stuff happens when you’re asleep. Try some today – it could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. 


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