How Important It Is To Build Your Crypto Portfolio- A Guide By KuCoin

What Is A Crypto Portfolio?

A crypto portfolio is just like every other portfolio, but in this, you record all your investments, trades, and assets in the crypto world. It contains details like at what point did you buy a coin, its value at that time, and at what point and how many did you sell. How much profit you have made. It showcases all your tactical moves and their impacts on your progress.

Why Is It Important To Build A Crypto Portfolio?

A crypto portfolio acts just like a regular portfolio. It is a summary of all your decisions and a representation of your tactical approach toward trading digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin DOGE, Ethereum (ETH), Solana SOL, and USDC. Big companies or communities rely on these portfolios to judge your worth and credibility, and if your decisions are wise enough, they generally appoint you as their advisors.

There are two types of advisors:

1) Legal Advisor 

A legal advisor helps a company or a community deal with the legal terms and conditions, which may vary from region to region. Legal advisors are consulted before investing and trading digital assets to maximize growth in the best and safest possible way.

2) Financial Advisor

Financial advisor deals with the financial reserves of the company or a community; they advise whether it is a good idea to invest in a project and, if yes, how much of their reserves can they risk to invest in a potentially growing project.

Many big firms are likely to appoint an individual with a good crypto portfolio as an analyst. Analysts dealing with cryptocurrencies are also of two types:

1) Technical Advisors

Technical advisors study the trends, the dips, and rises in the values of digital currencies. They make meaningful assumptions based on the previous trends and other factors that might play a role in varying the value of a digital currency.

2) Fundamental Analyst

Fundamental analysts do the back-end research behind a digital project, like studying the blockchain and its code behind a digital project. They determine whether the currencies’ creators are legitimate and whether the project is stable and safe enough to invest in.  

Some Tips to Create a Great Crypto Portfolio:

1) Practice Diversification

As this is a famous and well-known quote, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” The crypto dealer should not be attached to a few coins only. An amount of between 8 to 20 coins is well enough to create an impressive and safe crypto portfolio.

2) Don’t Get Married To Your Assets

No matter how promising a project seems, never rule out that anything is possible and nothing can be out-ruled in the crypto world. Your instincts should be brave enough to know when to let go of an asset, and that isn’t when you get bored of a price; that is when you sense that there isn’t much chance of a rise left in the project. Getting too attached to your assets may result in a financial drain and negative emotional decisions. 


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