How To Properly Care For Artisanal Designer Rugs

For centuries, weaving rugs has been a worldwide handicraft that offers luxury and comfort for otherwise barren homescapes. When purchased from highly skilled artisans, designer rugs aren’t just useful everyday essentials, but works of art that detail good taste and display stunning craftsmanship. Though rugs are available made from a number of synthetic fibers, the most highly sought after artistic rugs are ones tightly woven from natural materials such as wool, silk or a combination of both.

When properly cared for, luxury designer rugs, such as those sold by Dena Lawrence can last a lifetime. Unlike synthetic counterparts, rugs made from natural fibers require extra attention, maintenance, and care in order to ensure the vibrancy and longevity of the woven design.

Wool and silk blend rugs tend to handle daily wear and tear better as wool is a hardy material that can withstand lots of foot traffic. However, pure silk rugs found in Dena Lawrence’s Firesun collection require a bit more attention. First and foremost, it’s important to place rugs in an area where they’re least likely to suffer any damage from heavy foot traffic. Living spaces or bedrooms are ideal locations as they still allow for the showcasing of designs without the risk of permanent damage.

Whether made from wool or silk, designer rugs need regular vacuuming to ensure that dirt, dust, and grime don’t get permanently embedded within the fibers. It is recommended by experts that designer area rugs are vacuumed gently on the lowest setting on a weekly basis. It’s crucial to vacuum with care as most vacuum styles contain internal brushing systems that may push or pull individual rug fibers out of shape or damage them. For pure silk rugs, it is important to choose a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have a brush attachment as silk is a very fragile fiber prone to snags and damage.

Though spills are best avoided, they can and do happen. It’s crucial to act quickly at the time of the spill to avoid lasting damage. For both kinds of rugs, it is best to use pure water to gently dampen the affected area and dab the spill/stain. Though tempting as it is to thoroughly scrub a stain, doing so can permanently tarnish fragile rug fibers.  Paper towels are usually the best for this kind of stain removal, and the moment the towel is seeped through with liquid, it’s time to replace it with a fresh piece.

Chemical based cleaners can damage designer rugs, and as such, should not be used. This includes using specialty cleaners that may claim to use gentle or harmless ingredients. It is recommended by experts to have specialty luxury rugs professionally cleaned on a yearly basis. This can ensure the design is preserved and the colors remain vibrant without suffering any kind of fiber damage. 

Designer rugs created by artisans in Rajasthan and Kashmir have the ability to capture modern expressionism and add unsurpassed beauty to an otherwise nondescript space. With proper care and maintenance, a tightly woven artisanal rug can last for generations and enhance any art collection.


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