How to select the best solicitors

Solicitors or conveyancers are an important part of the real estate business. Their main goal is to handle all legal aspects according to the seller’s and buyer’s wills. They also assist in property searches, fund collection, and estate agents’ selection process. Besides, negotiating with the other party without an expert is quite difficult. However, not all solicitors are qualified enough to do these jobs. So, property sellers or buyers must keep these five considerations in mind while hiring one.  

Where to find

A lot of people rely on their estate agents for this part, but it is not necessarily the best plan. Most estate agents are likely to recommend conveyancers with whom they work on a commission basis. In this case, they mainly focus on how much they will get instead of how efficiently a solicitor can handle the tasks. You might get better options on the sale and purchase conveyancer finder websites. Feel free to take suggestions from your friends and relatives because they will give you honest reviews about solicitors.


If there is a communication gap between you and the solicitor, things won’t turn out as per your requirements. So, be clear about your priorities, paperwork deadline, client details, expected amount, property flaws, etc. Note that you should not ask for unrealistic deadlines, prices, and services. Make sure that he is able to finish paperwork smoothly, answer other parties’ queries, and keep updating you on how the deal is going. He must be available whenever you need legal advice. 


Some solicitors charge a fixed fee, whereas others might want a percentage of the deal or charge per hour. Nowadays, people prefer conveyancers who give services with ‘no sale no fee’ agreements. If the deal cancels for any reason or they fail to complete it, you don’t have to pay them. Another factor is when you should give them remuneration. A solicitor may demand payment on the day of signing a contract, exchanging legal forms or on deal completion. Or, he can ask for a small advance and collect the rest later.


Many property dealers overlook this crucial factor. No matter what type of legal experts you need, the first thing you should check is their accreditations. It ensures their sufficient work experience, expertise, knowledge and practice to take care of your job. If you are okay with conveyancers, look for CLC-qualified professionals. When it comes to hiring solicitors, they must be SRA regulated. These labels can help you to stay away from fraud lawyers as well. 

Reviews and references

Like other businesses, people give feedback about solicitors’ services on their social media pages or website. Do not forget to read those reviews and other comments to learn about their efficiency and performance. However, a few companies get paid reviews, which are hard to detect sometimes. Therefore, try to communicate with their past clients for a genuine response. Say no to the firms that delete/hide negative reviews because an authentic and confident one would never do it.


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