How to Transform the Interior of Your Home

Making your house feel like a home is important. One of the things you will want (and need) to do to achieve this, is focus on the transformation of your interior. When you are improving and transforming the interior of your home, you are ultimately giving it the look, feel, and ambiance you want. If your home never truly feels like yours or feels personal, warm, and welcoming, then will the transformation ever be complete? To start putting your ideas and plans for your home into action, start looking at what areas and rooms need to be prioritized.

Reuse What You Already Have

It is important to remember that a transformation of your home and its interiors does not mean that you have to throw everything away and start again. You can often reuse and re-purpose a lot of the items you already have. Reusing those items that you love and enjoy will help give them a new lease of life and help you lower transformation costs. If items cannot be reused for anything in particular, then think about how they could be used for something else.

Focus on Incorporating New Color Schemes

You will often find that color schemes can let down your interior and home, making it feel drab and unloved. Incorporating new color schemes throughout can help you freshen up even the darkest and dullest of rooms.  When you are looking at new color schemes and new color palettes, do not be afraid to infuse a little bit of color. For example, a feature wall in a bright color can reinvigorate a living room or freshen up a master bedroom. Putting together a mood board of the colors that you like will help you see if the color will work successfully with the items you already have in your home.

Update the Flooring

Old and tired-looking flooring can let rooms and interiors down in your home. Carpet that is discolored or thin in places can look just as bad as damaged wooden floors. As flooring can hugely impact the look and feel of your home, it is important to update it as soon as possible. The flooring can set the tone for the whole room or space, and it is important that you turn to a specialist to get the results that you want. For example, CW Jones Flooring in Bristol can help you transform your living room with a new carpet that lifts the room. Or, for your entrance hallway, new laminate flooring may refresh the space.

Bring in More Natural Light

If your home feels darker than it needs to be, it can affect the whole mood and ambiance. If and where you can, you must try to bring in more natural light. You may want to do this by changing or altering your window dressings. Or, if possible, you may wish to look at installing roof lights or additional windows. Natural light will help you feel more connected to the outdoors, which can change the look and dynamic of your interior. To bring in more natural light, look at the lighting you use in your home.

Add Houseplants

Rooms can sometimes feel too bland and clinical if there is no natural goodness in them. One of the ways you can let nature into your home is to look at adding houseplants. Houseplants can suck up all of your home’s negative energy and help create fresher and purer circulating air. The greenery can also help you feel intertwined with nature and help your interiors feel more natural and less off the shelf.

Give Each Room or Space a Personality

Rooms and spaces in your home can often feel like they are merging into one – especially if your home is designed around open-plan living. However, this doesn’t always work as well as you would like it to, and it doesn’t always give you the aesthetic you are after. Making sure that each space or room in your home has a personality is crucial to transforming your interior. Where is the separation and personality in your home if all spaces feel the same and even look the same? Carefully plan how you want your home’s rooms to look and feel. Put together idea boards or mood boards, and get a feel for what a finished space will look like. This can easily be achieved by small thing like adding art, ornaments, and other soft furnishings that you like.


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