How to write a structured resume?

A structured summary is not made up of full sentences, but of paragraphs. When compiling such a resume, you can use resume templates available on the Internet. Job portals or other sites offer templates to help you complete your resume so you don’t miss anything. This method is probably the easiest. The disadvantage of structured resume templates on job portals is that they are used by a large number of people, so at first glance you will definitely not be impressed by the visual design.

Another option is to contact companies that specialize in resume writing. You can use the services of professional resume writers online and the results will be worth it.

If you want to write your own interesting resume, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, take a look at what a resume should look like.

Personal data

How to write a structured resume1

Put your first name, last name, and degree in a prominent place to make it easier for the recruiter to remember you.

Then add your contact details – phone, email and address where you can be contacted.

Please note: The email address must look professional, so no aliases. Do not use your current employer’s work address for this purpose either. These days, creating a new email address is a matter of minutes.

Date of birth is not a required parameter, but if the company is looking for graduates, for example, then indicating the age can help.

You can also include a link to your social media profile in your personal information. Of course, I mean a profile on a professional social network, such as LinkedIn or another professionally oriented portal. However, it also needs to be filled out carefully. There is no need to include information about the children, or even their education and employment, in the resume.

A photo

How to write a structured resume2

Although a photo is not a mandatory item, you should not refuse to include it in your resume. Thanks to this, you will establish a more personal contact with the recruiter already when viewing your resume. Again, the photo should look professional and be up-to-date. Forget about a photo from a party or holiday that got 152 “likes” on a social network.

You don’t need a photo from a professional. Stand in front of a plain, pale wall and ask one of your family members to take a picture of you. Don’t be afraid to smile. The photo must show your shoulder-length face (as on your ID card or driver’s license).

Do not be afraid that the recruiter will judge you by liking. If he or she is a professional, he or she will be interested in your experience. The photo will help him or her remember you better and match you with your competencies.

Brief Introduction

Again, an optional item that may help you. But only if you come up with something original. But they do not forcibly create in those positions where it is inappropriate. Do not overdo it with length, 3-4 sentences are enough. Beware of empty phrases and hackneyed clichés.


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