Importance of Assisted Living for People Who Have Memory Loss

Research into neurology and degeneration has found that, once most people reach the age of 60 or 65, they begin to show signs of normal cognitive decline. This means that those in this age category are more likely to lose things forget about appointments and become a little bit flustered when they can’t find their keys.

There are many forms of memory loss in this age group that are not a regular part of the aging process, with the most well-known one being the various kinds of dementia. If you have a relative that has been diagnosed with dementia and is showing signs that they are finding it harder to live at home, it may be time to consider placing them into an assisted living facility or a care home.

These homes have gotten a lot of bad press, but they are exceedingly important in the management of Alzheimer’s dementia and other neurocognitive ailments of the elderly. Why? Read on to find out.

Nursing Staff

The nursing staff on hand at a senior care home Kirkwood Missouri are not just regular nursing staff. Indeed, even the support workers will be trained in how to help those who have Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia or memory-based issues. So, your loved one will receive the highest level of care 24/7. The nursing staff will also be able to spot any potential issues that your loved one may be experiencing and will have them explored promptly.


It is very difficult for those who have Alzheimer’s or other kinds of dementia or memory loss to function without a routine. The assisted living facilities and care homes that are aimed at people who have dementia and more complicated needs have strict routines in place to help those with these disorders better plan their day without becoming overwhelmed and frustrated.

Less Pressure

Compared to living at home with dementia, living in either a care home or an assisted living facility creates less pressure. Your loved one no longer must remember to pay bills, they no longer need to clean the property that they live in (unless they want to help), and they do not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. The routine is set in place, so they will know when it is lunchtime or dinnertime, and the food is prepared for them.


Many people who have memory loss will need adaptations made to their room, especially if they have Alzheimer’s, which can also present with muscle wastage. A care home or assisted living facility will be able to make these adaptations quickly and effectively or may even be able to move your loved one into a more suitable room, without any cost to them.


It is easy for people who have memory loss issues to become frustrated and overwhelmed. The aim of every assisted living facility or care home is to help these people to retain their independence and to relax, so if they become frustrated or upset, there will be an activity that they can engage in with the nursing staff that will help them to calm down.


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