Hymen, Is It That Much Important We Think or There are some Facts We Must Know

Even though the world is becoming more advanced day by day, there is much consumption about a girl and her body. Most of the people in the world right now have smartphones, laptop, internet. Yet amongst these people, some individuals believe in such misconceptions. For example, one of the misconceptions is that antibiotics can make birth control pills unreliable.
Some Common Myths About Girls
Although it is scientifically proven that a woman can get pregnant during her period, still, some people don’t believe it. Most misconceptions in the world are regarding a girl’s virginity and hymen. The definition of hymen is that it is a thin, fleshy tissue located at the opening of a girl’s vagina. According to many people, hymen covers the opening of a girl’s vagina entirely until it is stretched open. But this is not an accurate statement about the hymen.
Things One Must Know About Hymen.
It’s 2021, we live in modern civilization, yet people think that hymen and virginity are connected. Another misconception is that if a girl doesn’t have a hymen, she is not a virgin. Many studies found that some girls are born without a hymen. Or their hymen disappeared right after birth. The hymen is so thin that it can break down during running, excising, working etc.
The hymen doesn’t remain intact until sexual intercourse. Another myth is that people believe doctors can find out whether a girl is a virgin or not. This myth is quite damaging and hurtful. There is no test to check virginity. The only way to find the information out is to ask a woman directly.
Problems Regarding Imperforate Hymen.
Girls who don’t have hymen since birth doesn’t face any complexions related to health. However, having imperforate hymen is a severe issue. However, chances of girls having an imperforate hymen are pretty rare. But it can cause serious health problems.

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Vaginal infection
kidney issues
fertility-reducing known as endometriosis.
Girls can have an imperforate hymen since birth. However, the symptoms don’t appear until puberty. When a lady with an imperforate hymen reaches puberty, she will experience many problems. Such as abdominal pain, as well as swelling, which can last days. There are other complicated symptoms like lack of a menstrual cycle even after reaching puberty, back pain, pain during urination or no urination at all bowel problems, like constipation.
About getting rid of an imperforate hymen, a standard solution is a surgery. During surgery, the doctor will cut away part of the hymen. The name of the process is hymenotomy.
After surgery, there will be no complication in a female’s body. She will have a period regularly, and then she can have sex, get pregnant like any other girl. The reason is that there is no specific function of the hymen. Till now, scientists didn’t find any function of the hymen. According to research, whether a girl has hymen or not, it doesn’t affect her body in any way.
One should always judge a sentence before believing it. If all the people think before believing all these misconceptions, then one day, all the misconceptions will vanish.

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