Opportunity to witness festivals in the land of Himalaya with DrukAsia tours and treks Bhutan. 

Bhutan is a small landlocked country in South Asia and is known for its preserved cultural heritage and ancient Buddhist monasteries. The country’s culture is based on Vajrayana Buddhism, a practice prevalent in other neighboring countries like India and Nepal. This faith dates back centuries and it reflects in the day-to-day life of Bhutanese people, their beliefs, and values. The mountains, rivers, and valleys that make up this kingdom’s landscape are enormous.

The Bhutanese people have a strong respect for their monarchs and follow traditional and ancient Buddhist values. These values are reflected in everyday life and celebrations, with respect to elders and compassion being two principal values. 

They are known for their culture, foods, and tradition and the best way to exhibit is the festivals. They have had multiple festivals throughout the years. Every year they celebrate different occasions traditionally. 

Bhutanese people are happy people while they get to enjoy and show respect to their ancestors with the festivals and for future prosperity. They have unique festivities which attract travelers from around the world. 

Some festivals of Bhutan you must know – 


Thimphu Tshechu is an annual religious festival that celebrates Buddhism in Bhutan. The Thimphu Tshechu consists of traditional mask dances, songs, performances, and colorful ritual performances.


Paro Tshirechu is an annual festival celebrated in the Paro Valley. It celebrates the teachings of Lord Buddha through sacred masked dances. A troupe of dancers performs rituals, acrobatics, and hand movements to traditional Bhutanese music.


Prakhar Tshechu is an annual festival celebrated in the Prakhar valley. It is a colorful ceremony involving masked dances, religious ceremonies, traditional Bhutanese music, and singing and dancing.


Wangdue Phodrang Tshechu is an annual festival celebrated in the Wangdue Valley. It is a religious event that starts with a procession of brightly dressed dancers and musicians and culminates with masked dances and folk songs.

Only by these explanations nobody can be satisfied, rather it is best to witness it on their own. A festival feels more vibrant when the locals and tourists join in to create memories. If you want to explore and know more about Bhutan and plan to have a Tour in Bhutan ? 

then we highly suggest you contact DrukAsia Tours and Treks. One of their packages has a festival tour package. It is specially made for those who want to explore Bhutan through festivals. 

About DrukAsia : 

DrukAsia is a licensed agent that is under DrukAir(operating Airlines for the Kingdom of Bhutan) since 2009. For the past 14 years with the best teams, they have been providing the best services to their travelers from around the world. They take the responsibility to make their tourist’s tour worth enough. They treat their tourists with so much Hospitality which itself is part of Bhutan’s culture. They have so many tailored services for you to adjust to. They listen to their client’s concerns and plans and suggest to them the best Bhutan tour packages. DrukAsia also makes sure that you get covered by almost all Bhutan tour places in your package. 


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