Outdoor lighting ideas that are easy as a breeze

Compared to your indoor lighting layout, the outdoor space often goes ignored, and it is definitely not good not using your outdoor space to its full potential. Your outdoor space could have a deck, a patio or an outdoor living room, and there are countless permutations and combinations of the way you could light up your space. It’s not just about accentuating the aesthetics of your space, it’s also about making your space safe for use even in late hours of the day.

Your outdoor space has to be prepped for any kind of occasion and should be as functional as it gets as you never know which purpose will your space be used for. While outdoor lighting designs are definitely necessary there are other options that can add an effervescent flair to your living space. Now, sit back and take a look at all the ways you can glorify your outdoor space.

Choose the right design for the right places

The only thing that you need to focus on is that there’s a lot of open space when it comes to decorating your outdoor space. And there’s definitely no ‘one size fits all’ approach that can work here. Each zone of your outdoor space will need its customised lighting layout. For example, if your outdoor space flaunts a beautiful flower bed, then you definitely can’t use standard landscape lighting placed on the ground as it will completely overshadow the true beauty of your flower bed. And not just that, the high intensity lighting will make the entire flower bed hard to see. That’s the reason why each activity zone of your outdoor space has to be looked at carefully and install lighting designs that completely complement the area.

Create an outdoor living room

Your space will definitely need a seating space and there’s nothing better than creating a living room. This will not only add a beautiful focal point in your space but also add functionality to your living space. If your space has a sturdy overhead structure then the best option is to go with outdoor hanging lights like chandeliers or pendant lights. And if the space is too compact then consider going with a ceiling light. You don’t have to overdo it by going with larger-than-life ceiling lights, you can get a standard round ceiling light and it would just be perfect for your space.

Decorate your living wall with lighting

A living wall in the outdoor space has become quite a common sight and it is an absolutely customisable element too. You can flaunt your greenfingers by growing a green cover somewhere around your living wall and highlight the entire growth with landscape lighting. Be careful and place the lighting slightly away from the wall as the entire growth might completely cover the lighting fixtures and the space might end up looking shabby.

Illuminate your main garden

Now this is an absolute must as your main garden is the key visual attraction in the space. And decorating your garden sets the tone of your entire space too, so make sure that each design element you install resonates with your personality. Use garden bollards, spotlights, and other landscape lighting fixtures to highlight your space.


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