Responsibilities You Will Have As A Truck Delivery Business Owner

Delivery truck services have a wide variety of duties, including but not limited to making deliveries, driving customers from point A to point B and managing delivery routes. These responsibilities are based on the type of company a delivery truck service is contracted with. Some companies may only require one driver for their fleet while others may require that you deliver packages for multiple companies on different routes. There are also times when a customer might not want their package left outside in the elements, necessitating your assistance in bringing their package inside the customer’s residence or business. So, here are some responsibilities that you may have to perform if customers hire truck from you.

  • Making deliveries

Depending on the company you work for, this can be a relatively straightforward task. A lot of delivery truck services work for businesses that only ship packages to customers and other businesses. In these situations, your job is simply to find out where the delivery needs to go, find a way to get there and deliver the package. When you factor in rush hour traffic and other issues on major roadways, however, it can become a bit more complicated.

  • Driving customers from point A to point B

This is also relatively straightforward work. You simply need to pick up the same day courier delivery object from wherever they are and drive them from point A to point B or wherever they need to go.

  • Planning and managing delivery routes

You may plan out your own delivery routes or be given a set of routes by your company that you must follow. This will involve writing down the addresses in your delivery book and figuring out a way to get from point A to point B.

Managing delivery routes

This could be as simple as providing guidance for one driver on how best to navigate through major roadways during rush hour traffic or as difficult as securing daily or weekly routes for multiple drivers so that they can deliver packages without getting stuck behind traffic jams. This is an especially tough job if it involves multiple regional delivery trucks working together on different routes.

  • Running errands and moving things into and out of buildings

Depending on the company you work for, this could be a responsibility or a completely separate job. Some companies don’t require their delivery truck services to perform these tasks, but there are times when you’ll need to help move things into or out of buildings for customers.

  • Providing customer service

This is a very difficult job to do well. If a customer has a problem with their package, you are the first person that they will approach, and you need to be able to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

  • Keeping track of everything

This is yet another job you may or may not need to do. You will probably have customers asking you constantly how long they have left on their current package, and you’ll need to be able to give them an accurate answer. Also, when a customer drops something off at your delivery location, it could be that you are the last person who saw the item before it disappeared. As a result, you’ll need to keep track of what was left behind in order to make sure it’s returned to the customer when it’s time for their next delivery.

  • Providing assistance

Sometimes, a customer may want you to help them move things into or out of their home. Other times, a customer may need help unloading or loading something. While this isn’t part of your job description and it won’t be part of your paycheck, you should always be willing to help out when it’s needed.

  • Heavy lifting

As mentioned above, you might have to perform some heavy lifting for customers when they need assistance moving packages into or out of their homes or businesses. This is a lot more difficult than it looks, but if you ask for help from the customer and their employees first before trying to do the work by yourself, that will make your job easier.

  • Measuring space

This is a very important job. You will need to be measured by your delivery company if you want to deliver packages that weigh in excess of 150 pounds (68 kg). If you aren’t, you may be asked to use a dolly or wheelbarrow. This can be a bit more difficult than it sounds and a lot of people don’t realize how much these measures can change the way that they hold things when carrying them.


Some companies may require that you perform other duties that are similar to those listed above, but the top job responsibility of delivery truck services listed above are what most people have been asked to do, either as part of their experience or in their job description.


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