Symptoms You May Face After Having the Antiviral Shots of Covid-19

The world is waging war against an apocalyptic event manifested in the form of a virus termed COVID-19. The Indian pharmaceutical company Serum has produced and mass-manufactured a vaccine, which has turned the tides of fate in this raging war.
Vaccines work principally by injecting a synthesized virus resembling the actual threat or introducing a lesser harmful strand or RNA of the virus, triggering the immune system and producing resistance through the medium of Memory Cells.
They tend to have side effects which usually do not exceed a low fever, acute muscle ache, or just acute discomfort. The effects are not guaranteed to manifest in every form mentioned above in each individual. And some people do not even face the side effects.

The problem with this vaccine has been newly discovered. The Ministry of Health of India has stated that the vaccine has been observed to cause unwanted blood clottings in people who took the vaccine.
There were a few guidelines that were detailed out by the ministry to thetotal diagnose the unwanted side effect and get treatment:
Heaving for breath/ breathlessness
Chest discomfort/pain
Upon pressing limbs, observed swelling upon the pressed area
Pinhead dimensional red spots beyond the injected area
Abdominal pain that might or might not be followed by regurgitation
Sudden seizures without any previous history, adjoined by regurgitation
Severe headache with the probability of vomiting (only to be concerned about if there are no recorded history of migraines)
Numbness or weakness in any particular part of the body, including face
Sudden fits of regurgitation without any observable or diagnosable reason
Blurred or hazy vision followed by discomfort in the eyes.
Induced increased level of depression
Any other side effect other than fever, acute muscle ache, etc.
The thrombosis is said to take effect in 20 days upon injection, and the symptoms outlined above portray in that time bracket as well.
The National Adverse Effect Following Immunization (AEFI) Committee in India reported the following concerns to the Health Ministry.
These side effects were within the limit to India’s borders instead, but they have also been observed in Norway and others who reportedly implemented the AstraZeneca Vaccine. It is the same vaccine that Serum Company in India has mass-manufactured and distributed. Trials of the AstraZeneca vaccine have been halted in European countries upon the observed unwanted clotting properties.
The AEFI dictates that such cases are minuscule in India. The European government halted the trials after finding out a scarce brain clotting property of this vaccine. The concern in the general populace regarding vaccines has always been severe, and this new information is likely to deter the populace from administering The Serum S2 vaccine.
Although the AEFI states that the cases portraying such behaviour are insignificant, it sheds doubt on the reliability and agreeability of administration about the said vaccine.

Fright should not set in since other vaccines are on the rise, and the effects as such are infrequent in itself, suspected to only adhere to those with previous health conditions.


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