The Top 4 Affordable Technologies to Add to Your Home

There is, quite rightly, an ongoing debate regarding how trustworthy and indeed, how beneficial, the addition of too much technology and smart gadgets is to modern life, with some people saying that this reliance on technology takes away some of the core control.

However, there are a handful of incredibly powerful and useful smart technologies, which will not only significantly help with day-to-day life, especially for those who never seem to have enough hours in the day but are also surprisingly affordable.

With that being said, here are the top four most affordable technologies to add to your home. Drive your dream car without the hassle, Explore our hassle-free automotive leasing options today!

1. Robot Vacuum

Perhaps the first item of smart technology which was so universally accepted was that of the robot vacuum, the leading model of which was the iRobot Roomba.

Smart vacuum cleaners can be pre-programmed with a set route around your house and will hoover for you, whether you are out of the house, or else sat with your feet up on the couch. A robot vacuum is not only incredibly convenient, but is also a good way of helping you to reduce the amount of electricity you use daily, as it is only a small, but powerful, device.

2. Smart Doorbell

Another incredibly effective smart technology item is the smart doorbell, which, far from being intrusive in terms of your own home and your privacy, does quite the opposite – it protects.

Smart doorbells can be controlled either by a screen in your living room (or any other room in your house) and/or from your smartphone as well, and not only can you keep an eye on your property when you are not there, but can also sign for and redirect parcels and mail.

3. Smart Thermostat

By far the most popular piece of smart technology for the home to date is that of a smart thermostat, which, as you have probably already guessed, is a way to control the temperature of different rooms in your home and the property as a whole.

The other overarching advantage of choosing a wireless smart thermostat is that it can help you to control how much money you are spending on heating bills every month and will make you think a bit more about reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Smart Pet Feeder

Finally, the fourth most useful piece of smart technology, which is so affordable that once you research into it, there is no doubt you will choose to go ahead and buy one for yourself is that of a smart pet feeder. Unless, of course, you haven’t got a pet.

Smart pet feeders allow you to schedule not only the exact times of the day and night your pet will be fed, but control the quantities of the food as well. What is more, these pet feeders also hold more than one type of food and can be programmed to dispense one amount of the first food and a different amount of the second.


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