Tips for Hosting Vegans on a Ski Vacation in Glendale CO

Every year at about this time, a great number of people from around the nation decide, at the last minute, that they’d like to take a ski-cation in Denver or Glendale Colorado. The problem is just this: after several years of being literally boxed in because of a global pandemic, people are finally getting out and about, but this means literally everything in popular tourist areas has been booked out for many months.

Those rooms still available are going for top dollar. Because of this, families in Glendale as well as the greater Denver area are opening their doors to family and friends seeking a place to stay for a few nights. Actually, you are glad to have them and as you haven’t seen them in many years, it has probably taken you by surprise that they are now vegans.

What Do Vegans Eat?

What do you feed vegans and is there still time to go to the organic whole food markets to even get the ingredients you will need to do a bit of basic cooking? Actually, you may be surprised to learn that there are several vegan restaurants in the area that offer both delivery and takeout, so there’s always that! Some of the most popular in the area are the Native restaurant locations serving plant-based vegan food.

If you know exactly what days they will be staying with you and how many meals they would like to eat with you, you might even be able to order in advance. How much easier is that than trying to figure out how to make a meal with 100% plant-based ingredients. You do know that this means no butter and no eggs either! It’s so much easier to order for delivery, isn’t it?

Make Reservations at the Resort for Lunches

Happily, it isn’t the slopes or the restaurants in those popular resorts but rather the rooms that are booked out well in advance. This makes it a bit easier on you because you can do a bit of calling around to see which restaurants on the resorts they want to ski at. With such a huge percentage of the population that has gone vegetarian, if not vegan, many of the classier restaurants have a few vegan offerings on their menus. Also, with 5-star European trained head chefs at many of them, they are willing to create entrees for people who have special diets.

You Can Always Ask Them What They Eat!

It wouldn’t be rude to ask your soon-to-arrive guests what they prefer to eat as you are not a vegan household. They might recommend some things you have around the house like vegetables and fruit. They only eat plant-based foods so if you use that as a starting point, you can probably find several things you could make for them such as oatmeal for breakfast with brown sugar and maybe almond or coconut milk. It shouldn’t be as difficult as you imagine but, happily, their stay is limited so you won’t need to rack your brain for long. Remember, if all else fails, you have several vegan restaurants in the area there to save the day!


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