Top Games for iPhone in 2022

Even if you prefer to play games on the PC, there are those who prefer consoles and even mobile devices for this pastime. Thus mobile games are a great way to cheer up and entertain yourself in your spare time. For example, you can stand in line at the supermarket and be bored or stand and play an interesting game on your smartphone.

There are many games for such platforms, including Chickens with Guns Battle Simulator. You can find some of them in the special App Store for iPhones. However there is some difficulty in choosing games that you can download on your smartphone or tablet. The Apple App Store has a huge catalogue of games, so you can come across a huge number of low-grade projects too. In this article we will tell you how not to make a mistake when choosing games which are the most interesting and enjoyable in their gameplay and story.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is Alto’s Adventure 2015 spin-off. This project demonstrates the feature of the whole series to combine breathtaking skiing graphics with runner’s excellent mechanics. You can hike, collect coins and earn supplements for your profile while playing this project.

Among Us

It is a very popular game that was released in 2018. However, it only became mega popular in 2020 because it got a great multiplayer. Through this mode, you can have fun with your friends in this game and have fun. During the course of the story, you will need to find an antagonist, and this game will require you to do well – it will not be so easy to do!

The Battle of Polytopia

This is a 2D game in the strategy genre of the strategy. In this storyline, you will control your tribe, expand its inner lands and fight enemies that will be even more interesting and challenging if you decide to try this project in the multiplayer mode.

Beyond a Steel Sky

This project is a long-awaited follow-up to Revolution Software’s 1994. It was once an adventure project called Beneath a Steel Sky. is a unique cyberpunk in which you have to do a lot of interesting things.


This is a project in the genre of puzzle, which has a beautiful design and simple gameplay. During this game, you will create a gesture pattern on the touch screen for each level of difficulty. The developers released this project in 2013. However, this game is still popular and you can download and install it as a great addition to your iPhone’s game library.


Super Smash Bros fans will surely appreciate this unique game called Brawlhalla because they are very similar, and therefore your choice for Brawlhalla will be optimal. This free multiplayer first-person shooter has such features as small light characters armed with unusual weapons. You will participate in large-scale battles with them.

There are several other interesting games too that we should include in this list:

  • Chash Royal is a project in a completely different genre. Thus Clash Royale includes components such as collector cards, tower protection and multiplayer games that will help you create a unique gaming experience. After Clash Royale was released in 2016 and won its numerous awards, it remains a popular game among modern gamers.
  • Developers released this Crashlands game in 2016. This project combines adventure genre and role-playing games with fascinating and unique story and gameplay. First, you will find yourself in the wild and be forced to fight monsters, extract resources and complete the quests that this game will give you.
  • Finally, the latest game in our list is an iPhone game called Year Walk, which will help you dive into the interesting world of suspense. This game is based on Swedish folklore and will keep in tension until the very end of this story.


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