Top Tips for Your Career After a Health Issue

After a health issue, your career might have come to a halt, and you may be concerned that it will never reach the heights that it once did again. However, this is not the case, and there are many steps that you can take to ensure that your career thrives again. As such, if you have just recovered from a health issue, here are some of the best steps that you can take to ensure that your career fulfills you once more.

1.   Get a Degree

Sometimes, after a period where your career has been stagnant, the best way that you can refresh your career is to get another qualification that can allow you to move closer to your career dreams and ensure that you can update your knowledge and experience of your industry amongst the most recent changes that have taken place. This can show that you are still a valuable asset to a company and are willing and able to learn and improve. As such, if you believe that obtaining a new qualification might be the right path for you, you should read “How to get into UC Berkeley” at, as this can help you to know exactly what you need to do and will ensure that you can increase your chances of acceptance at the college of your choice.

2.   Get Back to Work

Sometimes, the best step that you can take for your career after a health issue is simply to show up and get back to work after a period of absence, even if you are not able to do all of the tasks that you once did or work for long hours. Getting back to work will allow you to gain insight into what is happening within your company at the moment and can allow you to slowly get back into the routine of working, even if certain accommodations need to be made to ensure that you can work comfortably and without any issues. As such, you should speak to your boss about the possibility of you returning to work as soon as possible.

3.   Update Your Resumé

If you are out of work and want to find a new job after a long period of illness, then the first step that you should take is to update and rethink your resumé. You might have a long period of little work or activity on your resumé from the time that you were ill, and if this is the case, you should make sure that you are honest on your resumé about this break. You should also focus on your skills and strengths, as well as your willingness to learn, as well as the experience that you obtained before your illness, as this can help to sway employers and ensure that you look like a great candidate for the job in question.

As such, whether you want the comfort of your old job or want to start fresh in a position where you and your situation are unknown, there are many tips that you can follow to get your career back on track after a period of illness, and this guide covers some of the best of them.


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