What Are The Different Grounding Products You Should Know Of?

Grounding and earthing is more crucial than ever. We have an increased need to interfere with the Earth’s ionosphere due to the ever-expanding (surveilled) Internet of Things.

The free electrons from soaking up the sun when swimming on the beach or walking barefoot on damp grass make earthing and grounding revolutionary. While there are several new age versions of grounding, but the advantages don’t come from self-actualizing as a tree.

Real grounding, the kind where you just stand barefoot on moist dirt or stroll along a beach while inhaling the negatively charged sea air, helps combat today’s stressed lives and EMF-related illnesses.

Therefore, this article discusses grounding products and methods for electrical grounding to give you a better idea.

Grounding Products To Know About!

You are shielded from electrical surges via electrical grounding. The dampening of electrical currents throughout your home is referred to as grounding.

We’ll begin by using the ground rod, one of the classic grounding techniques. To ground oneself when you are not on the ground floor of any structure is a time-honored method.

  • Grounding Rod Method: If your apartment is higher than the first level, you can bring a rod up through a window or a hole you dig in the wall after sticking it in the ground outside. Attach an alligator clip to a wristband or sock to ground oneself while working on a computer, sitting down, or even sleeping. If the earth is parched, you might need to water the rod every few days to maintain conductivity. 

The rod should be buried at least two-thirds of the way. Remember, for this to work; you need proper moisture.

  • Electrical Outlet Grounding: Use a “ground outlet” if you want to. Ensure your home is properly grounded with an electrician before using a grounding outlet. Otherwise, the voltage can backfire. It’s important to remember the goal of the entire endeavor. This grounding ensures you take in the right electrons for healing, fending off EMFs, and reducing dirty energy.

These have the drawback that many people assert they don’t even function. Others, though, claim they do. I believe it depends on the brand, and there are none on Amazon that I would recommend.

  • Grounding With Cold Water Pipe: You can tie a wire around the copper pipe for your cold water under the sink. And if you don’t have a copper pipe below your sink, you should have a metal valve at least. These work as well. Remember, it won’t work if your pipe and valve are both plastics.
  • Earthing Patch: Try a grounding patch there if you experience discomfort from joint inflammation there. The idea behind them is to provide relief in a troublesome place from the patch since electrons gravitate toward that area first, aiding in the healing of the intended area. They may be found online, including on Amazon. However, many appear to attest to the usefulness of the earthing patch. 

Now You Know!

Grounding products are the key to a long & healthy life!  You will be able to profit from the health advantages of negative ions with the aid of these electrical grounding goods and methods.

Although they are not required, products are sometimes more than handy to achieve them. Make the most of these products for a better life. All the best! 

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