What Is a Validity Recharge, and Why Must You Opt for One?

Prepaid plans are one of the earliest and most widely utilized mobile data packages. Since they have been on the market for a long time, many of you may be acquainted with the idea. Prepaid plans are those that require an upfront payment in exchange for service. After making the payment, you’ll get some benefits that last for a limited time. The duration of cellphone recharge packs may vary, depending on the plan.

Every prepaid pack has a set validity period, after which it expires, and the account features are no longer available. If the validity of your SIM is about to expire, you can select a validity recharge plan to continue using your prepaid services. These validity recharge packs allow you to extend the validity of your plan and use them to make calls with related fees based on the pack value. BSNL validity recharge is an example.

What Is a Service Validity Recharge?

  1. Service validity recharge allows you to receive services, but only for a set period of time. Most talk time plans and all unlimited recharge plans are service validity plans.
  2. You won’t access any services up until and until your service validity recharge plan is active on your phone number. 
  3. In some operators, your number wouldn’t even be able to receive incoming calls.
  4. Therefore, to keep your phone number active, you must recharge it with a service validity


  1. Additional terms are also connected to Service Validity Recharges, like No Outgoing SMS Recharge and Existing validity Recharge.
  2. Choose MobiKwik for your BSNL validity recharge or any other.

No Outgoing SMS Recharge 

  1. If the No Outgoing SMS Recharge plan is recharged on your phone number, you will be unable to send messages to anyone.
  2. Therefore, if you recharge the plan with No Outgoing SMS, you cannot send SMS to anybody with your number.
  3. And you must recharge another plan under which you get outgoing SMSs if you want to send SMSs. But you can receive SMSes even if you don’t Recharge with an outgoing SMS plan.
  4. Except for outgoing messages, you can use all other services, including the internet and calls, following your recharge plan.

Existing validity Recharge

Although the No Service Validity Plan and NA Validity Plan are somewhat similar to the previous validity plan, they are not identical. The existing validity plan will only be effective and active till your current service validity recharge package. It implies that even if there is still talk time or data available when your service validity recharge plan expires, this existing validity plan will also expire.

For example: Say you recharged your Airtel number for 209 with a 21-day Airtel validity recharge. You’ve had it for 19 days, but two days are still left before it expires. Therefore, merely recharging your existing 58 rupees (3 GB) data pack plan would extend its validity until your 209 rupees recharged plan ends. The existing validity plan would thereafter expire.

Importance of Validity Recharges

Different sorts of Recharge Packs are accessible on our cell number, and in some of the plans, we see this No Service Validity written or Validity N/A. But why was it written? So even if you have recharged with Extra Data Pack or Data Booster Pack or if your phone has any remaining credit talk time or data, sometimes calls won’t connect when needed.

It is because your number doesn’t have an active Service validity plan. You have to recharge with Plans that have service validity to be able to make calls or use data. Some operators even stop incoming calls if you haven’t recharged with a service validity plan for a prolonged period. The data booster packs or talk time-only packs only work if there is a service validity plan in Place. You can choose the trusted payment service provider MobiKwik for quick, safe, and convenient service validity recharge.


Service validity recharges like Airtel validity recharge and others of different amounts with different benefits and validity periods. You can now pick the one that fits your needs from the wide variety. Recharging with at least the minimum amount for the Service validity is essential to keep using the Services that the operator provides.


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