What is Average Salary in New Zealand 2024?

New Zealand is known for its scenic structures and high-quality of life. If you are willing to work or settle abroad, New Zealand is the dream destination for you. In the year 2023, 26,300 immigrants moved to New Zealand. 

The number of immigrants have increased post-covid. This is a result of the New Zealand government realizing that, in order to help meet the need for the businesses and organizations must hire people from outside of New Zealand.

What is the Average Salary in New Zealand? This is a question that students and job seekers would want to know. Average salary gives the person a realistic idea about the expenses and the expectation from a particular job. New Zealand has a lot of job opportunities and you should decide on the type of job you want to do. 

Though, immigrating to New Zealand is not that easy. Applying for immigration involves a whole lot of preparation and procedure. To complete this tedious process, you must hire an immigration consultant and what’s better than consulting Stark Visas. Stark Visas is known as the Best Immigration Consultant for New Zealand.

Average Salary in New Zealand  

The salary in New Zealand varies depending on the job, location, work experience, and educational qualification. However, according to the latest figures, the average salary is 8,200 NZD monthly and 97,300 NZD annually. 

Therefore, the average annual salary range is 24,600 NZD to 434,000 NZD, including household, transport, and accommodation costs. In order to immigrate to New Zealand for job opportunities or any other reasons, you can consult Stark Visas. 

Their consultation that will guide you throughout the immigration process. They will look after the documentation, eligibility criterias and preparation of resume/ CV. 

What are the In-Demand Sectors in New Zealand? 

Certain skills are always in in-demand in New Zealand due to its small population. There are some sectors which require skilled workers. New Zealand is welcoming to its immigrants who will fill the requirement of labour. 

You are given a work visa and Permanent Residency (PR) once you have a job and the necessary training and experience.  

Given below are the sectors that are in- demand – 

  • Agriculture and forestry 
  • Construction 
  • Education 
  • Engineering 
  • Finance and Business
  • Health sector 
  • Transport 
  • Electronics 

Jobs Sectors and their Average Salary- 2024 

After completing their studies in New Zealand’s top-ranked colleges, a large number of Indian students look for work over there. After completing your graduation, you should be aware of the average salary for international students in New Zealand if you plan to work there. 

The industry demand, job location, working experience, and other factors all affect the average wage in New Zealand. For instance, the average income in Auckland and Wellington is more than in any other city because they are two of the ten most expensive cities in New Zealand.

What is the Province wise Average Salary in New Zealand 2024? 

Each province has its own demands of labour and skills. With an increase in the overall salary of New Zealand, each province increases its average salary. Here are the top four provinces with the highest average salaries. 

  • Auckland The average salary for jobs in Auckland is $79,079 (NZD) per year or an hourly rate of $38 (NZD).
  • Wellington – The average salary for jobs in Wellington is $79,140 (NZD) per year or an hourly rate of $38 (NZD).
  • Canterbury – The average salary for jobs in Canterbury  is $74,050 (NZD) per year or an hourly rate of $34 (NZD).
  • New Plymouth – The average salary for jobs in New Plymouth is $79,400 (NZD) per year or an hourly rate of $38.5 (NZD).

Why Should You Contact Stark Visas? 

Applying to immigrate to New Zealand can be confusing and demanding. But, one should not worry about it as Stark Visas help their clients in applying for immigration to New Zealand. Generally, people are worried about the documentation verification process.

By hiring Stark Visas consultant you don’t have to worry about the verification process. They will also assess your profiles according to the pathway you are applying for. To ensure that the process is done correctly and on time, the expertise and knowledge of Best Immigration Consultant for New Zealand would be helpful.

Stark Visas has a team of certified immigration lawyers. Without professional assistance, navigating the complexities and requirements of immigration law can be challenging. A skilled immigration lawyer can offer legal counsel and direction regarding the Permanent Residency process. The team also has the knowledge about the different types of job opportunities available in New Zealand. 

They will also help you in preparing for the resume for applying to jobs in New Zealand. As an immigration consultant, they will assist you in pre and post landing services. Contact Now! 


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