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4 Tips When Designing the Ultimate Home Theater Room

Home theater rooms are one of the most popular rooms in the house. They are the perfect spot for kicking back and relaxing, yet they can also be ideal when entertaining guests. Once you create one, there’s a good chance that it will become your top spot to spend free time, and for good reason. But starting with a blank slate can be equally exciting and overwhelming. How do you make the best use of the space and ensure the home theater is as cool as it is functional?

We’ve got a handful of great tips that will help you to design the ultimate home theater room.

Layout Is Essential in Terms of Distance from the Television

With a home theater, spacing is everything, as you want to be sure the seating is pushed back from the television the perfect amount. The ideal spacing is based on a few factors, mainly the size of the television and the resolution.

As a basic rule to follow, the higher the resolution of the television, the closer you can sit to the screen. The picture won’t be distorted thanks to the high resolution. For a typical HDTV with 1080p resolution, the ideal spacing would be five feet or closer. Now, if you bump up the resolution and invest in a 4K TV, you can sit as close as three feet.

If you need to purchase a new television for the room, keep these calculations in mind as they will help you determine the best size and resolution for the space. And to ensure that no one gets a stiff neck or a sore back, the seating should be facing the television straight on.

Lighting Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Lighting is also important in a home theater room as you want the flexibility to allow natural and artificial light into the space or make it dark when it suits you. If the room has windows, you will want to invest in blackout curtains so you can make it dark even on the sunniest of days. And to give you more control over the amount of light in the room, use a variety of fixtures so you can pick and choose what to have on. This means overhead, table and floor lamps.

Get Creative with Seating – Step Outside the Box

Where you can have fun in your theater room is with the seating. There’s no reason why you have to pick a traditional sofa or couch. Instead, you can look at options like: theater seating chairs or a couch with built-in amenities; adult sized-bean bags for comfort and fun, which can easily be moved around the room; or even video gaming chairs if you don’t care about seating a lot of people at once.

The Sound System Makes the Experience Complete

The final piece in the room should be a high-quality surround sound system that offers a top-notch experience. A good quality sound system will immerse you in the content and bring it to life. You’ll need multiple speakers placed in the ideal locations throughout the room.

Taking the time to plan your theater room means you’ll be creating a space you love for many years to come and that gets a lot of use.


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