6 New Games at Betfa to Get Excited Over

Betfa Casino is one of the best gambling sites where you can bet on multiple games and sports. Currently, the site has come up with a list of new games that bettors can enjoy and win money from. If you’re new to Betfa Casino, then this guide will help you a lot in finding the right game to start betting with. Read on for more details.

New Games on Betfa Casino

Betfa or بت فا casino is one of the best gambling sites for players with any level of experience. The website has a user-friendly interface, and all games are divided into relevant categories for the player’s ease. Whether you want to try sports betting, live betting, eSports betting, or others, you can get it all under the roof of Betfa Casino.

Register an account on Betfa Casino and deposit your first amount in it to start betting. The best thing is they have introduced new casino games on their platform that you would definitely love after playing for the first time. Check these out below.

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Keno
  • Rocketon
  • Magic Dice
  • Blast Game


Blackjack is one of the most famous American casino games that you can also find on Betfa Casino. The game requires intense strategy to win. Players who can do good maths in counting cards have a higher probability of winning the bet. The player has to win the game against the dealer by getting a number 21 or close to it, but not above it.


Roulette is another famous casino game where the player bets on the red or the black numbered compartment of a wheel with a small ball. This thrilling game is played in the US, Iran, and other countries. Betfa Casino has also introduced this game on this platform to let bettors enjoy it from the comfort of their homes. The bet in this game is set against the house or the proprietor of the game. It’s an interesting and fast-paced game that can be played after a little guidance or practice.


Keno is a Chinese gambling game recently added to the gaming library of Betfa Casino, and is played with numbered cards from 1 to 80. Players mark as many numbers as they are allowed, then hand over the ticket and pay for the bet according to the numbers they selected.

Once the bet is placed, the game master takes outnumbered pellets or balls from a container at regular daily intervals. Bettors get paid if the numbers they marked come out of the container. The prize will be dependent on how many numbers the game master draws out of the container.


Rocketon is a one-of-a-kind casino game, but it’s unfortunately not available in all countries. You even get the chance to try the ‘Half Cash-Out’ option, which is quite new in the world of gambling. The player places the bet on the rocket before it’s about to launch and then cashes out whenever they find it right.

It’s an intuitive game with an appealing interface. You don’t have to worry about learning the game as it’s too easy to understand. Plus, bettors can enjoy many bonuses along the way and enjoy the freedom to come out of the game whenever they want.

Magic Dice

Lastly, you can also find Magic Dice on Betfa Casino. It’s an exciting and thrilling game offering great bets and winning odds to the bettors. You don’t have to be an expert to place your first bet on the game. The great thing is you get a demo of the game first, so you don’t end up wasting your money on it.

Blast Game

Blast Game is another great addition to the Betfa Casino’s library. The game starts with a cannon shooting upwards. The bet starts to multiply according to the height the cannon reaches. The trick here is that the multiplier can stop at any time, so it’s up to the bettor to make a good call and cash out before the multiplier ends.

Bettors can get their hands on this game by simply going to the Betfa Casino’s site, registering, depositing money, and placing their first bet.

Sign Up on Betfa Casino and Play New Games

If you’re tired of playing the same games again and again on Iranian casino sites, then it’s time for you to make a switch. Betfa Casino is the hub of exciting games and recently, they have added a wide number of games to their library for players to have a great time. Go to the website today, register, make your first deposit, and enjoy playing!


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