7 Tips For Booking The Perfect Holiday Accommodation On A Budget

The Sunshine Coast in Australia is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. However, accommodation can be very expensive, especially when you’re planning on staying for an extended period of time during your holiday. That’s why it pays to know how to book the perfect holiday accommodation on a budget! Let’s take a look at seven tips that will help you find the best holiday accommodation at an affordable price!

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1) Quality over Quantity

When looking at holiday accommodation, you often find that it’s cheaper to stay in a room with multiple beds or sleep on an air bed than to book a double room. If you do opt for a single, try to look for a room with a private balcony or patio so you can make use of your own space. You don’t need to be on top of other guests while traveling. Discover more about it from

2) Book In Advance

If you’re planning your holiday for next year, make sure you book in advance to get a good rate. This can be done as early as 9 months before your desired travel date so don’t delay. If it is a popular holiday time of year, booking early will help secure your accommodation and avoid disappointment later on down the track.

3) Compare Sites

Don’t wait until you get to your holiday destination to start looking for accommodation, do it now! When searching for somewhere to stay, you’ll come across a range of different sites like wolfwinner.

4) Check out Hidden Gems

It may seem intuitive to book a hotel that’s directly on or near your chosen holiday destination. But once you start browsing accommodation options in different neighborhoods, you might stumble across one of those hidden gems—quaint B&Bs, reasonably priced motels and well-located serviced apartments—that turn out to be a much better deal than many larger hotels in tourist areas. So get off your beaten path and into some out-of-the-way corners to uncover these gems for yourself.

5) Different Seasons Offer Different Prices

If you’re looking for affordable holiday accommodation, try visiting during a different season. With less tourists around, you can usually find better deals. However, if there’s something you really want to do while in town, don’t let that keep you away—just book it before or after your trip so you can still experience it without breaking your bank.

6) Ask Locals or Get Advice From Tourists

People who live in an area are best suited to tell you which accommodation is affordable and reliable. If you’re going abroad, research local expats or people who travel regularly to your chosen destination for tips on where to stay. If all else fails, go for a place outside of town, it will be cheaper!

7) Be Flexible and Understand What You Are Getting Into

Hotels are often booked up around popular holiday periods. If you don’t have a reservation when you arrive in town, it may be impossible to find a room without needing to go to a last-minute booking site and pay extra fees on top of your nightly rate. Instead, be flexible with your dates and check out options like Airbnb and VRBO that allow you to rent private rooms or entire apartments at a lower cost than traditional hotels.

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