A Few Tips For Barcode Scanning Success

Barcoding is a decades-old process and everybody takes it for granted. With that said, most people involved in the designing and printing of barcodes don’t really fully understand the cost of barcode scanning failure. If you want to ensure optimum efficiency for the barcode scanning process, it is important for you to follow some basic best practices and avoid common mistakes. Here are a few tips to help you with the process:

Barcode at the right location

One of the common most common reasons for the failure of scanning is the location of the code. You should never place it at a location where it is more likely to get damaged. Also, the user shouldn’t have to spend too much time locating the code as it will slow down the process and that is exactly the reason why barcodes are there.

Proper surface

If you want to get the best results with scanning, you should always opt for a matte surface. Glossy materials look great but such backgrounds are not ideal for scanning as these services are capable of diffusing light which means the scanner isn’t always able to accurately capture the light reflected from the paper and that results in scanning problems.

Right design

A common reason for scanning failure is problems with the quiet zone around the barcode. If you take a close look at a barcode, you will find that there is empty space around those lines. That space is known as the quiet zone and it is called quiet zone for this very reason. 

If this quite zone is damaged or has some other issues, scanning is always going to take a lot longer than necessary or it may even fail. The quite zone creates a parameter which tells the scanner where the code starts and where it ends.

You should also pay attention to the colours chosen for barcode printing. In most cases, you’ll find that barcodes are printed on a white background. This colour combination is chosen for the very reason that it makes it easier for barcode scanners to pick up the embedded code as contrast is necessary for proper scanning. If you choose to place light-coloured barcodes on a light background, you will face problems with scanning.

Choose a good printer

If you plan to print barcodes on your own, make sure to choose the appropriate printer and label stock. A wide range of printers and label stock is available in the market at various price points. 

However, it makes sense to do barcode printing in-house only when you have a limited number of codes to print. If you want to print things at scale, it makes sense to partner with the right barcode printing company.

There are many such companies offering a wide range of options for barcode printing. Go through popular options available in your region and make sure they offer what you need.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a properly executed barcoding system has the potential to improve system efficiency and make you more productive. Keep in mind that barcode scanning failure has a high cost and this is why you should try to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes to keep scanning failure to a minimum.


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