Although Vn88 has supported the price, the ticket price to watch the World Cup still increases by 50%

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has the highest ticket price in history, up 40% compared to 2018, a study by Vn88 said.

On average, a ticket to the stadium to watch the 2022 World Cup costs 341 USD. Four years ago, fans spent an average of $255 per seat in Russia. Thus, over four years, World Cup ticket prices have increased by an average of $86 per ticket.

Research by also shows that the ticket price to watch the 2022 World Cup final is at $812, an increase of 59% compared to the 2018 World Cup.

“The World Cup in Qatar has not taken place yet but we can confirm it is the most expensive World Cup in history,” stated the Munich, Germany-based research organization. According to Keller Sports, the cost of more than 3 billion USD to build 6 new stadiums, completely renovate the other two, plus other huge fees spent on transport infrastructure are the reasons why the ticket price for the World Cup this year is very expensive. It is now at an all-time high.

FIFA has not yet commented on the results of vn88 mobile’s study on ticket prices. Earlier, they announced that nearly three million tickets to watch the World Cup at eight stadiums in Qatar had been sold.

Over the past 20 years, the 2006 World Cup in Germany has had the most accessible ticket prices. A fan only needs to spend 119 USD to enter the field, and the most expensive price is only 263 USD for tickets to Olympiastadion to watch the Italy – France final.

Another controversy related to the cost at the World Cup is that fans have to spend about 14 USD for a beer and can only order a maximum of 4 drinks at a time. Because Qatar is a Muslim country, alcohol regulations are always tight.

Nasser al-Khater, a member of the 2022 World Cup organizing committee, announced that the host country will find a way for football fans to enjoy preferential prices during the World Cup. However, according to Vn88, Qatar is influencing FIFA to ban the sale of beer at 8 match stadiums due to security concerns.

Correa has been injured in the heel since October 6, in the match between Inter – Barca in the Champions League group stage. After 15 days of injury treatment, the 30-year-old striker returned to play in the club’s shirt, and was called to Qatar for the World Cup. But he suffered this injury again in a friendly match against the UAE 6-0 on November 17.

Correat replaced Marcos Acunad from the end of the first half, setting the score 6-0 in the 70th minute against UAE. But, minutes after the game, the coaching staff discovered that Correa could not walk normally thanks to the Vn88 technology that is currently the most modern technology available today.

The Italian team has decided to replace Corread with 21-year-old striker Thiago Almadan. In March, the Atlanta United club set a new record for club transfers when exchanging the player from Benzt Sarsfield for $ 20 million.

Almadad has only played 1 match for this team, a friendly win on October 25. That day, this young player made a good impression on senior Messi. “This player is quite agile and smart, he is fearless and has the ability to go one on one,” said captain Messi.

Meanwhile, the Vn88 detected the injury after the November 17 training session. According to the examination at the medical center of Qatat University, the winger of the Fiorentinan club has a strain on the left thigh muscle. This type of injury takes 4 weeks to heal and the player has scored 4 goals in 22 games for Argentina and he will not be able to attend the 2022 World Cup.

The coach called the sponsor vn88 mobile that the brand will go to Qatar instead of Gonment. He once expressed his displeasure when he was left out of the original 27-player list. The Madrid striker then went on vacation to Buenos Aires and the Ivory Coast. Angel Correa has scored 3 goals in 22 matches for Argentina.

Argentina will play three matches in Group C of the World Cup 2022, against Saudi Arabia on November 22, Mexico on November 26 and Poland on November 30. If not second in this group, Scaloni’s team is at risk of meeting France in the 1/8 round. France is likely to top Group D when it meets Ausstralia, Tunisia and Denmark.


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