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Bathroom renovation: 5 points on which you can save

Inexpensive bathroom renovation is one of the hottest topics on the Internet. Thousands of people regularly search for information about how certain works are done, what is the best way to buy building materials and plumbing. All this is not so difficult at all, if you understand the issue a little.

Additional costs always appear during repair work, so you should think in advance about what you can save on.

Låt oss titta närmare på några vanliga modeller för mäklararvode och hur du som kund kan tänka när du ska välja vilken mäklare du ska anlita för din bostadsförsäljning.

What to save on in the bathroom


According to the interior designer, you can take inexpensive tiles. If you follow the rules of laying, it will serve for a long time.

Pay attention to the patterns on the tiles – the fact is that the tiles of the cheap segment have 3-5 different patterns and you will not be able to choose them in the store, for example, all 5 m2. The tiles of the expensive segment of patterns can have 30 types, that is, the chances that tiles with the same pattern will lie next to each other are 1 in 100. But with inexpensive tiles, you will have to play Tetris in the literal sense.

Washbasins, shower stalls, toilet sets and installation

Remodeling contractors recommend looking for promotional positions. For example, in hypermarkets there are good discounts that allow you to buy everything at an acceptable price.

Built-in mechanisms

The designer clarified that the rejection of built-in mechanisms will allow significant savings, because ordinary faucets and shower racks are cheaper. At the same time, she still recommends taking a toilet with installation – this will make cleaning much easier.

Faucets and washbasins

Colored faucets, washbasins, toilets are many times more expensive than “standard” colors, the interior designer explained.


Another point of saving is the decor. Cheap decorative elements and flowers should be avoided in the bathroom.

Finishing work in the bathroom

The choice that opens before the owners of the apartment in which repairs are made is quite diverse. You can choose the most different materials, finishing styles and much more. And the selection in stores in most cities allows you to experiment. If you live far from large population centers and your stores cannot offer what you are looking for, you can always order the necessary materials online. Fortunately, there are now a lot of sites and online stores, and the range of products in them is huge. So you can always find exactly what you would like to see in your bathroom.

If someone in our country starts renovating a bathroom, laying tiles is almost the main point in his plan. Tile has been the leader among all finishing materials for walls and floors in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen for more than a dozen years.

Tiles are sold in different colors and shapes, they are both square and rectangular. There are special sets in which the tiles have a certain pattern or pattern that is displayed on the wall.

Before starting to lay tiles, the walls are carefully prepared. The old finish is torn off and the wall is puttied and primed. To make it even, use beacons.

There is special information on the tile packaging about the level of humidity it is designed for. For the floor, a tile is used, which has great strength. After all, people will step on it every day. This is especially relevant in bathrooms of public places – train stations, restaurants, airports and cinemas.


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