Buying Clothes on American Sites: How International Shipping Helps

Meest offers a modern courier delivery service for dress stores in the USA. International delivery employees will promptly fulfill your order with high quality and affordable prices and send a package to Estonia. To find more details about shipping to Estonia, go to Remember, Meest service delivers your dresses and costumes to the warehouses on the US territory and then ships them all over Europe.

Why Is It Profitable to Shop in the USA?

Sometimes we do not even imagine how often we overpay when buying famous American brands in Europe. Competition in the US market is high, so even without sales, most goods from a branded online dress shop are significantly cheaper than, for example, in Estonia.

  • Savings of up to 50%.
  • Only original products.
  • Fast delivery.
  • A vast selection of products.

How Does the Delivery Service Work?

Meest is a convenient service that makes it easy to purchase on any American website with dresses and your reliable intermediary for delivery from the USA to Europe. Amazon, eBay, Victoria’s Secret – buy your favorite things without markups on these and other American marketplaces.

  1. To start shopping in the US online stores and use delivery services, you must register on the Meest official website. After registration, you can use your client ID to receive the expected product at the address.
  2. Enjoy shopping in your favorite shops, but remember the parcel’s weight.
  3. Create a parcel, and the company will deliver it to the warehouse in America. Additional services include weight confirmation, sender information authentication, and photography of shipped goods.
  4. Pay for the delivery, and the company will send the package to Estonia as soon as possible.
  5. Monitor the delivery directly from your mobile phone or on the website.

The Advantage to Cooperate with Meest Delivery

Meest company has been on the market for 30 years. Extensive work experience and an established logistics network that ensures high delivery speed and quality of services.

For private clients: the company will deliver your parcels within seven days, depending on the destination. The service allows you to monitor the process 24/7 and takes you through customs. Meest experts will deliver purchases to you or your friends: to the nearest delivery point or personally.

For wholesale clients: the company will sort parcels, collect passport data of your clients and organize delivery directly to end customers. You can get discounts as a regular customer and many favorable bonuses.

Buying branded goods directly in the USA and simultaneously saving money is a real thing with Meest delivery. Enjoy bargain shopping! Do you have any questions? Specify them using the form on the site. Specialists will help you figure everything out as soon as possible.


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