International Student Should Consider These Countries and Keep These at the Bottom of their Desired List

Many students wish to study abroad. They choose the institutions according to their courses and try to get a chance to study there. But not all countries are perfect for international students through their education systems are acceptable.
We will write here about five of these worst countries that are not safe for international students.
Russia: According to Wothappen Russia is one of those which are the coldest countries. This country is near to the arctic. That is why there is little or no sunshine almost all the time. So If you can not cope with extreme cold, you better avoid Russia for your higher education.
Spain: If you are an early riser and also like to go to bed early, then you should cut Spain from your list to go to study. Though Spain is an excellent place for study, your habit of doing everything earlier may not help you here. People of this country prefer to have their dinner after 8 pm and go to bed at 6 am.
China: If you are an extreme nature lover. You are crazy to spend your free time with nature. If green life is your favourite, then study in China is not suitable for you at all. China has a lot of incredible natural structures where many tourists visit. But most of the renowned universities in China are in Beijing or Shanghai. These places have minimal public green areas where you can pass the time. If you can manage to stay happily in the jungle of broken structures, you may go to China to study.
Nigeria: If you are punctual. You do your works as per scheduled time. In that case, you cannot choose Nigeria to go for your higher degree. Though this West African country offers you to study cheap tuition fees and low cost for staying there, you have to forget your punctuality. They have norms for timing. They call it ‘African time’. If they invite you for a programme at 2 pm, you should remember that the time must be 4 pm or later. If you go there at 2 pm, they will consider you as you have no work.
England: It is a dream of many students to study in England because England has some of the best universities in the world. But if you cannot get a full free scholarship or are from an upper-middle-class family, think twice before getting admission there. Though the universities are world-famous, the tuition fees are very high. Surely you do not wish to stop your study in the middle only for want of money. Besides, the living cost is expensive too. If you can manage a full free scholarship or can manage the fees from your family or earn it from a job, then you may step forward. Otherwise, a big no is better for your future.
Study abroad is widespread nowadays as the transport system is straightforward. But you must choose the institutions along with the country carefully. Your future carrier depends on your right decision.


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