Coughing a Lot at Work? 5 Signs of an Issue with Your Ductwork

Have you gone to work only to notice a bad smell that won’t disappear?

Or has your company received an invoice for energy recently that is way higher than usual?

As odd as it seems, these two things could be connected and could point to an issue with your ductwork.

The ductwork system in most workplaces and homes moves air around the building. So, it stands to reason that an issue in this area could be the culprit if there is a foul odor or an odd energy bill with no identifiable cause.

But what are some of the signs that there may be an issue with your ductwork?

Unpleasant Odors Coming from the Ducts

This point was mentioned earlier, but a vital sign of an issue with your ductwork is a bad smell.

Ductwork that is not adequately sealed or insulated can become damp, providing a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Or dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate, leading to an unpleasant smell.

If the smell is awful, rodents or other pests can die inside the ductwork, creating a very unpleasant odor. If you have concerns, contact a commercial ductwork cleaning company.

Decrease in Air Flow

Weak airflow from ductwork will also need to be looked at. It can be caused by air filters that are dirty or clogged, which can restrict the flow of air through the ducts. Ducts that are not adequately sealed can allow air to escape, reducing the overall airflow in the system, or ducts that are blocked by debris, such as dust or insulation, can also restrict airflow. So, always aim to have such issues explored by a professional team.

Increase in Utility Bills

You may notice an increase in utility bills if there is an issue with your ductwork. Why? Because, in simple terms, energy is needed to move the air through them. This could be the case if the filter is clogged or if there is dust or another obstruction.

If you spot a spike in your building’s electric bill and the air quality in your workplace is poor, always be sure to contact a ductwork cleaning team.

Dust or Debris Blowing Out of the Vents

This is going to cause bad smells, bad air, and a lot of coughing!

So, if you notice (or can physically see) dust being blown out of the ductwork, then you will need to hire a professional cleaning team.

This will help to restore the air quality and, of course, ensure that anyone who has asthma or other respiratory issues in your workplace isn’t coughing. Just be sure to keep up maintenance on the ductwork to prevent a recurrence.

Uneven Temperature Distribution

The idea behind ductwork and heating or air con is that the vents move the air around evenly.

So, if one room is freezing and another is hot, then it’s likely that there is an issue with the ductwork or there is a blockage that is preventing the air from moving. Either way, it needs to be explored to get your building to a more even temperature.

If you find yourself coughing a lot at work, it’s important to consider the possibility of an issue with your ductwork. Addressing these concerns promptly can help improve indoor air quality and alleviate symptoms. To ensure exceptional service, consider partnering with experienced professionals like, who specialize in identifying and resolving duct-related issues. By choosing reliable, specialized providers, you can maintain a healthier workspace without feeling overwhelmed by promotional content.


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