Create your own playground to earn money

Profit-making on HYIP projects is becoming more common. People do not mind the fact that investment platforms are based on the principle of financial pyramids, and there is a risk of losing money. But the interest is great, because there is a possibility to multiply the funds.

Usually, under High-Yield Investment Programs a legend is created, which serves as a basis for raising funds. But in recent times, other types of pyramids are popular — these are economic games. The participant is asked to imitate business transactions and receive fake currency for this. It can be exchanged for real money.

General information

Economic games with real withdrawals imply different actions:

  • extraction of resources;
  • maintenance of the taxi company;
  • fishing;
  • cultivation of plant products;
  • baking bread, and much more.

To start playing fully, a visitor of the website must buy a game unit, for example, a tea bush, which should make a profit. The more he/she acquires them, the higher the income. At the same time, the same bushes or cars differ in class, price, which also affects the profitability. For example, one expensive unit can replace ten cheap units.

Create your own playground to earn money1

If you are interested in economic game scripts, contact a specialized store. There are professionals in the field of HYIP projects. They will provide the necessary advice.

What you need to do

Creating an economic game is not easy. To attract the user need:

  1. The original script. Games are many, and yours should not be a copy of someone else’s project.
  2. Fascinating plot.
  3. Favorable terms.

The lower the minimum deposit and the fewer withdrawal obstacles, the more likely it is that people will come and invest. It’s very important for a person to give a gift. For example, if he/she has registered on your website, you should give him/her a free unit so that he/she can get into the rules and feel the processes.

For HYIP projects, the referral program is an important parameter. Economic games are no exception. Each player who performs the role of investor, on his/her own request, can attract other users – referrals, through a special link. He/she deserves a reward for that.

Another important aspect is economic games, which are potentially long-term projects. But for their long life it is necessary to think through a scheme of reinvestment. Everyone has their own, but the main rule is the timely payment of reward and the correct accrualing of interest.

Technical component

Not only the plot determines the functioning of the economic game. An important factor is the technical component. There are:

  • functional website with clear interface;
  • DOS and virus protection — any HYIP projects are an attractive platform for hackers, and this should be considered;
  • binding of popular payment systems.

The importance of the latter cannot be overemphasized. Any slightest failure in payouts can become an anti-advertisement and ruin the game ahead of time, blocking the attraction of new users. However, by contacting the specialists, you can always count on the right decisions and minimize errors. They will offer a ready-made script or develop a new one, taking into account your idea, integrate it with the website, and fill the resource with content.

Before you start the game, it is tested, detection and elimination of errors. Professionals will help to make settings, manage the project and develop it. So you have a great chance to maximize its existence, and with it profitability.


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