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GamblingBlackjack is extremely popular at large and small bookmakers recently. Nhà cái New88 is no exception as this popular game attracts a large number of participants. Detailed information about the game will be revealed in detail below.

Some brief details about playing Blackjack?

Like many other card game genres,Blackjack Also use a deck of 52 cards to play. Each person will initially be dealt 2 cards, then as the game progresses, depending on the number of points everyone has, draw more cards.

The highest score in the game as well as to win is 21 points. The player’s task is to calculate and make reasonable decisions so that the final total score is closest to 21.


The most brief overview of the super hot gameBlackjack

Player rules

When playing cardsBlackjack, a minimum of 2 – 6 participants is required. One of them will stand up to be the dealer, the remaining players at the table will be called the dealer.

So how do you get the right to become a bookmaker? To be the dealer, a player must have a total amount greater than or equal to the total combined bets of all remaining players. However, in the game, the house and the dealer fight each other fairly and civilly.

As mentioned above, each player will receive the first 2 secret cards. The remaining cards will be used for players to pick up in the next turns and must be kept secret without revealing the value of the cards. Of course, the houses will not compete directly with each other, but will consider winning or losing against the house.


Divide players at the table at the gameBlackjack

Gambling rulesBlackjack: How to calculate points

Want to understand how to playBlackjack, first and foremost, players must understand the scoring method of this subject. Specifically:

  • For cards from 2 to 10, the number of points is corresponding to the value of the card
  • Cards J, Q, K are all counted as 1 point.
  • Card A is counted very flexibly, depending on the situation it can be counted as 1, 10 or 11 points.

The total points the player receives will be the total value of the cards in hand. Based on the final total score of the cards, the house will win or lose.

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How to play cardsBlackjack The simplest for you to refer to

Many new players experiencing it for the first time do not clearly understand the details of a gameBlackjack. Each bet at bookmaker New88 will be divided into 2 stages:

First step

When playing cardsBlackjack In phase 1, you will add up the points of the 2 initially dealt cards. If you have one of the following situations, immediately stop to receive your winning bet:

  • The card appears with 2 Aces (Xi Bang).
  • The hand appears 1 card A and 1 of 3 cards J, Q, K.

If either of the above two cases falls on the house, then of course the house will win all the money that everyone is betting.


New players refer to the details of the 1-game processBlackjack at New88

Second stage

This is the stage where the players continue to pick up the cards that have not been dealt because there is no one of the two blank winning cases mentioned above. After calculating the score of the initial 2 cards, the player will, depending on the situation and strategy, proceed to draw cards or not. As long as you need to ensure a score between 16 – 21 points.

There will be 3 cases while playing cardsBlackjack at New88 bookmaker as follows:

  • If the total score of the article is < 16 points, it is determined to be Non-Element.
  • If the total score of the article ranges from 16 – 21 points, it is determined that the article is sufficient.
  • If the total score of the card is > 21 points, it is determined to be Over, in this case the player is not allowed to draw more cards.

So to put it simply, it’s at the card playing stageBlackjack This next step will let the player draw more cards. This means that after the end of phase 1, you can completely stop or draw up to 3 more cards to compare scores. Note that the house will be withdrawn after all the cards have been withdrawn.

Consider winning and losing in New88

GamblingBlackjack will proceed in a round from right to left starting with the dealer. How to playBlackjack It can be simply understood as follows: The house must have a total score of 16 or more, if not enough players will be considered a loser. The remaining players will continue to compare cards and determine the winner with the dealer.

  • In case the dealer has more points than any house on the table, they will receive the full amount that that house has placed.
  • If the dealer has less points than the dealer when playing cardsBlackjack then your family will be considered win and receive proportional bonuses.
  • If the two sides have the same score, it will be considered a draw and the bet will be divided equally.

How to judge wins and losses accurately at top bookmakers

All extremely important information regarding gambling Blackjack has been most fully introduced above the article. Hopefully this shared knowledge can help you place bets easily at New88.


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