Essential Tips for Choosing a Gaming Notebook

While many gamers prefer to use a desktop, it isn’t very portable and easy to take anywhere you go. A gaming notebook can make a difference because it has the power to play games while being transportable.

When it comes to gaming laptops, though, stats aren’t everything. You’re looking at a whole computer with an integrated keyboard and display that will give you everything you need in a gaming device. Let’s go through all of the choices that you will have to make as you search for the best gaming notebook within your budget.

GPU for Maximum Speed

The Graphics Processing Unit or GPU is simply the technology that allows your machine to process images. Depending on the types of games that you want to play, the choice of GPU is going to make the biggest difference. It is the first thing you need to look at when choosing a gaming notebook. Keep in mind that while some laptops may be better than Notebooks, they are essentially the same but can be much more expensive.

Most modern gaming machines come installed with decent GPUs but if you want something that will process high-quality images at super-fast speeds, consider the latest GTX 1060. This model is strong enough to handle 4k resolutions while keeping your frame rate at the ideal 60FPS. This GPU is not the cheapest on the market, but it will be more value for your money in the long term.

Display, Screen Size and Weight Matter

If you are looking for something that will play very basic games and you need to take the notebook out on your daily travels, then something with 14 inches or less should suit you fine. The size of the notebook will determine how heavy it is, so consider that. If your gaming notebook will mostly stay in one place, then opt for a bigger 17.3-inch that has a bit more weight to it. You will get a more robust piece of equipment at a reasonable price. Affordable Gaming Notebooks are not hard to find if you know what you are looking for.

The size of the screen will make a difference when you are playing games with high detail. The larger the screen, the more you will see and it will be clearer than a 14-inch screen. The screen resolution should be no less than 1920 x 1080; however, most gaming laptops these days have this resolution as a standard feature.

Consider Future Upgrades and Expansions

Buying the best gaming machine on the market might seem like a wise decision until you realize that you cannot upgrade the graphics card or install a bigger hard drive. If you are going to spend money on your gaming future you need something that will allow you to upgrade and customize the machine as you choose.

Future upgrades and expansions could include more RAM for higher-intensity games. You may even want to swap out your 1TB hard drive for a new solid-state drive which will mean less lag and downtime.

Some other tips to keep in mind are to never buy a refurbished notebook, consider purchasing a console controller, and invest in better speakers to give you the ultimate gaming experience.


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